TCU TV – The Mike Mastroni Interview Part 1

00:00 What hats do you wear at Volume?
01:30 How did we first start working together?
05:00 The progression of Mastroni’s self filmed web videos
10:00 Driving around looking for spots to ride by yourself
16:30 Mastroni and I met via a girl we both hooked up with from Myspace
19:00 The original OSS team
20:00 Filming with dollies
22:30 Craig Passero the Boston Strangler
28:00 Realizing you’re the filmer
33:00 Realizing you can do whatever you want
40:00 Making the move to California
51:00 Denver Nugs
44:30 Getting on Volume
1:00:00 Kicking people off the team and adding riders to Volume