TCU TV – The Mike Hinkens Interview

This week on TCU TV we had Midwest legend Mike Hinkens in the studio. This conversation went exceptionally well so we let it run long, talking for over 2 hours in total. Check the list of topics discussed below and leave a comment if you enjoyed this!

00:30 Where you from
11:30 Straight Edge
14:00 Finding your identify through BMX
22:00 Barcelona
26:00 BMX after high school
31:00 Riding for The Take
39:00 Becoming BFF’s with Grant
40:30 Going to school and moving to Nicaragua
51:00 Fighting
58:00 Raging out
1:02:00 Romanticizing the past
1:06:00 Adam LZ and BMX as a popularity contest
1:14:00 FBM
1:23:00 My blackout drunk barber shows up
1:25:00 DC and moving around
1:39:00 Hanging out with little kids
1:43:00 Adam’s fleshlight
1:48:00 Plastic
1:55:00 Doing long feeble on rails with front brakes to slow you down
1:57:00 Never reproducing or growing up
2:02:00 Teaching
2:11:00 Dan Kruk & Bae & Dab
2:15:00 K Rob stories

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