TCU TV: The Gabe Brooks Interview

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02:40: Gabe talks about finally getting off probation

03:17: Who introduced you to filming and putting together videos?

04:55: You started out riding trails, how did you fit in within the trails scene?

05:15: Tell us about the time you threw some big name pro riders out of your trails.

06:00: Gabe talks about going to Russia when he was 12 for a gymnastics meet

07:25: We discuss “The Gabe Roll”

10:25: You also spent a lot of time doing Muay Thai kickboxing

11:52: How did you get the “One Punch” nickname?

13:00: Tell me about your high school days

14:55: John and Gabe talk about his first Vital video and then going into jail for 3 years

17:45: Gabe’s first sponsor was Diamondback

19:40 We talk about the time Gabe bunnyhopped over a soccer goal

23:24: What was it like being on the Kink team?

24:39: Gabe talks about filming his OSS video with Mike Mastroni and being critical of filmers while working on videos

26:15: John talks about working with Gabe and how difficult he can be to film with

29:07: Is it weird for you being a celebrity in BMX?

29:50: Gabe talks about being into gardening and painting

33:00: Let’s talk about your reality show

36:20: Let’s talk about your Selling Swag video part that you filmed with Hicks

37:02: Who are your favorite riders to watch?

38:30: We talk about Steve Croteau and criticizing your friend’s riding

41:00: The insane uprail line Gabe did in Denver Nugs

43:23: Do you plan out your outfits for when you film a clip?

44:44: Let’s talk about your uprail to superman banger in your second Vital video

46:00: Let’s talk about your part in the new Stranger video

47:32: Who’s your favorite black rider besides yourself?

49:00: Adam describes how Gabe breathes confidence into white boys

50:10: Gabe talks about getting his viral Vine in a WorldStar compilation

52:35: Adam talks about how Gabe always tells everyone that they are like Tupac

Film credit goes to Miles Rogoish, Andrew Jackson, Mike Mastroni, Darryl Tocco and more.

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