TCU TV: The Edwin De La Rosa Interview

00:50 Edwin talks about why he’s in California and how he got on Cult
03:00 Edwin tells one of his favorite Hoder fight stories
06:00 Edwin talks about why he has been MIA and how much fun he’s been having riding in LA
08:30 What’s the NYC scene like right now? Are the Brooklyn Banks opening back up?
09:50 I try to get Edwin to talk about how he perceives the Animal/Skavenger legacy that so many people hold dear
11:30 We talk about when Edwin realized that being a pro rider was cool and how he became jaded to it
12:20 Would you be able to hack it as a pro these days?
13:00 Cory Nastazio comes back and harasses Edwin for a couple minutes
18:45 Edwin talks about how somebody from Dig talked shit about him in the magazine back in the day
21:30 Edwin talks about how he found out about BMX from watching X Games
22:45 We talk about Tom White and how Edwin always has a crazy white sidekick
29:30 Did you watch the Blackman interview?
30:30 How do you feel about Nigel?
32:50 Why did you move to the Bronx?
39:00 Edwin went to the bar and Dave Mirra bought 12 shots that were $175 each
43:00 What’s your favorite BMX video?
49:15 We talk about Road Fools 10
51:20 The time Chris Rye fell off a cliff
53:30 I talk about when Hoder broke his ankle and all the funny things he did in the hospital
55:10 Edwin talks about Ratkid
56:30 How do you feel about the current era of mega-tech street riding?
58:10 Edwin talks about people riding street with helmets
1:00:15 Manual uprail bar back in the day in Puerto Rico
1:01:40 AM:PM
1:07:30 We talk blunt etiquette with fans
1:08:20 Why did you hit that kid in the face with a slice of pizza at Toast
1:16:20 Ratboy