TCU TV: The Common Crew Interview.

00:22: What was the first iteration of the Common Crew?

02:06: Where did you guys ride at since Huntington doesn’t have a park?

02:56: What made you interested in filming in the first place?

04:00: Adam’s story of how he met Sauce

06:33: How did the idea for a DVD come together?

08:00: How close are you to having it done now?

08:29: Who is going to have full sections?

12:17: Who were you guys influenced by to make a DVD?

12:55: Stylistically, Francis, who would you say you most want to emulate as a filmer?

13:32: Will there be juggalos in the video?

14:12: Do you guys just ride that one school in Huntington all the time?

15:20: How big of an influence was Dakota on you guys growing up?

18:23: Has there been anyone who was supposed to have a part in the video but then didn’t?

18:48: How does it feel to have an amazing concrete park in your city that you’re not allowed to ride?

20:27: Is there an overall goal that you guys have with The Common Crew?

22:48: Sauce got his braces off 8 hours before this podcast.

23:57: Adam talks about how kids should go about making a name for their crew

28:26: Let’s hear about the time you got fucked up in China and lost your iPhone 6 and your chicken.

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