TCU TV: Ed Pollio talks Indoor Skateparks and BMX vs Scooters

Some show notes:

0:00:00: We discuss Wu Tang Clan, specifically Catfish’s Wu Tang tramp stamp

0:01:45: We talk about Ed’s skatepark, 5050 and why he’s the only person running an indoor skatepark in New York City

0:03:35: Some kid is suing Ed and the skatepark because he broke his ankle riding the park

0:07:20: We talk about what makes 5050 Skatepark unique

0:08:39: We talk about scooters and how big the scooter scene has gotten


0:25:00: How much support does your skatepark get from the NYC BMX community?

0:26:45: We talk about TCU TV and Ed’s favorite podcasts we’ve done

0:28:45; How Ed got started riding

0:35:00: How Ed got involved in the BMX industry and how he started building ramps for Red Bull

0:38:40: We talk about younger BMX riders not showing enough respect to older riders

0:44:45: We talk about how many BMX riders there are on Earth?

0:48:00: What is Group Home Bikes?

0:51:30: We talk about young kids not supporting BMX brands

0:55:04: Ed talks about why he thinks BMX needs more girls riding

0:59:15: Ed talks about how nobody in BMX answers their emails

1:03:30: Ed talks about little kids getting influenced to try drugs from BMX videos

1:06:46: Ed tells his Lou Bickle story

1:08:10: Ed talks about having his shop burglarized by a local BMX rider

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