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Hi, thanks for visiting The Come Up. This is the official submission page with all the information you need to get your stuff on TCU.

We prefer all videos be hosted on either Vimeo or Youtube. Please fill out the following form so that we can properly tag and title your video.

Want to get more views on your video? If you'd like for us to put it on our YouTube channel, put it on Vimeo with a password, make sure downloading is enabled and let us know. We'll get back to you within 48 hours if we're interested

  • any information on the camera or equipment that was used can go here
  • artist and song title
  • If some crazy story happened while filming a particular trick, feel free to write about it. The more details you include, the better the description we put up will be and the more interesting the video will be to the people checking the website.
  • Note

  • Due to the high volume of emails we get daily, we are unable to respond to every email or offer an explanation for why your video didn't make it onto the site. Emailing the same video link to us over and over or sending follow up emails asking why your edit isn't on the site isn't going to help your chances of getting on the site, so don't bother.

    It is NOT okay to submit your video via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, text, smoke signal or through any method other than this form.
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