LFS2 DVD Review

Its been about two years since the first LFS DVD came out and now we all finally get a chance to see what the crew has been up to. The filming and editing duties this time around were shifted over to Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar and he delivered big time. The video has a great feeling overall, with the same classic rock type tunes and crispy VX angles you’ll remember from the original (and Deprived Child before that). Without further ado, lets go through this section by section:

The video starts out in a slightly less traditional way than most videos, with a big chunk of the crew hiking through some fall foliage to a giant, fast, and incredibly fun looking abandoned snake-run. After clearing out a comically excessive amount of leaves from the corners, they all rip down it and the video officially begins.

Chris “Special” Dolan– Special has one of those classic go-fast-and-hope-it-works-out-but-if-not-my-body-will-most-likely-turn-into-a-Lawndart type of styles and its entertaining to say the least. An all around general loose cannon and the Rocky-esque music only adds to it. There’s a lot of crazy grinds on weird obstacles and some pretty burly gaps mixed in, with those two elements coming together for an awesome ender.

Jan Doroba– Doroba has always been incredibly proficient in technical grind combos and lines but he really stepped it up for this video, taking some of his go to moves to scaled up setups throughout the part. Which is even more impressive because hes only a few years away from being qualified to live in the senior citizen building his last clip (Which is done as crazily as possible, I really thought he was going to go down hard about 6 times during the 3 second clip) takes place at.

Friends– The first of two friends sections in the video keeps things fun with some clips from dudes like Grimaldo Durran, Rosie, Dave Raffa and Nicky B, along with some other Central Jersey legends.

Dan Diehl– Dan’s part starts out with a scary crash on a gap to rail that left him looking like a dead guy in the gutter (I can’t be the only one who found it comical that Special and whoever else keep yelling “He’s good” when he’s clearly concussed). Once the dust settles from that though its a classic Dan Diehl video part with a bunch of crazy handrail tricks including a rail/ledge duster in the snow.

Staten Island– Up next is a split part from two of the islands finest, Alex Avilla and Vinny Crispino. First of all its amazing that Vinny is back riding at the level he is after this, it looks like he hasn’t skipped a beat. Lots of big grinds and a handful of his signature wild looking 360 footjam whips (Really does anyone else do that trick? How the fuck does that even work?) on setups they shouldn’t be possible on. Alex comes through with a lot of solid clips too including possibly the best looking hanger 180 I’ve ever seen.

Mikey “Smallfry” Almodovar– Smallfry has matured from a very tiny child ripping around Woodbridge skatepark into one of the most progressive street riders out. Seemingly uninfluenced by any of the super-modern trends, he uses his two pegs and a cassette to their highest potential,using his pedals for grind-combos usually reserved for 4 pegged riders only. There’s a clip at Arizona’s famous Deck Park, and the way he pulls it off so smoothly is borderline magical. The banger is a huge NBD at one of New Jersey’s most storied rails.

Friends 2– Another songs worth of homie clips featuring Choco Truck dudes, Stink Pit dudes (Nick Bott comes through with one of my favorite clips in the entire video), Anthony Derosa, Devon Denham (no poop eating this time around), and more.

Mike Kleissler– Mike K is super dialed and his opening line (if you find Vinny’s instagram there’s an iPhone angle of it) is fast and loud and from there the part doesn’t really slow down at all. A lot of dialed whips and barspins and such as well as a mid section quick double peg to chain hop that was really fucking crazy.

Steve Jones– Out of everybody in the group, Steve is the only person who’s riding I wasn’t familiar with before watching this video, aside from a horrific railhop crash in the friends section of LFS1. He seems to have a dangerously low level of regard for his own safety and the part starts off with some of the gnarliest looking crashes and there are two attempts at what would have been probably the craziest thing ever to go down at Rutgers University (where I believe Steve is also a student). Which is a bold claim because the campus has been so heavily sessioned forever but I would be surprised if 9 out of 10 don’t agree after seeing it. Once the landed clips start its just hammer after hammer, including an amazing railhop to ledge ride against a wall right in the beginning.

Steve Kulischenko– Steve Kul is a guy that does stuff other people joke about doing. The part starts off with a rather large peg stunt and when he lands you can hear the filmer and other members of the crew shouting with excitement, but Steve remains unmoved and pedals back up the sidewalk to the top with a terminator-like demeanor and immediately fires it out switch on the parallel set up. The whole part is seriously epic and much like his ender ender from LFS1, the last clip will surely go down in history as one of the craziest xup grinds ever done.

Jeff Ludwig– Jeff, Jeff With Glasses, JWG, CrookedGrind Warlord, SmithGrind Warlord, 40/60 Warlord, that funny guy that works at the cardboard factory, whatever you want to call him, I dont think anyone would be willing to argue that this part isn’t incredible. Jeff has a really unique and unassuming style (I’m sure most people are familiar with his previous video parts) and every clip in this section is gold. The final trick of the video actually made the hair on my neck stand up.

Overall this is one of the best crew videos in a long time, a ten out of ten, two thumbs up, I’m going to watch this again and again… what I’m really trying to say is BUY THIS VIDEO ITS ONLY $7 (SHIPPED!)