TCU Products: The Cult Deathrow Dakota Colorway.

I’ve got a horrible sense of direction. I always have. When I turned 16 my friends and I started driving 20 or 30 miles to ride spots in neighboring towns and inevitably, we would get lost. It was a lot easier to get lost back then because we didn’t have smartphones or GPS, we would just go on Mapquest before we left the house and write down the directions. Which worked pretty well if you took detailed notes and paid attention, which of course we didn’t. Once you were officially lost you’d have to pull over to a gas station and ask for directions. Most of the time you would be asking about an abandoned hotel 6 towns over and they would either a) tell you that they had no idea or b) give you details directions of how to get there, which you would inevitably misinterpret finding yourself even more lost than you had been 5 minutes prior.

I’m not sure why Dakota put the state of California on the headtube of his signature colorway but one possible reason is for navigational purposes. For instance if his phone was dead and he was lost somewhere he could just look at the sticker on his bike and be like “oh, right, I’m in California”. And if he were to look even closer at his frame he might also say things like “this frame has a 75 degree headtube”, “this frame is green although it looks kind of brown in the photo” and “this frame can be purchased in stores for $359.99”.


Brake Mounts: Removable
BB Height: 11.8″
Chainstay: 13.55″ – 13.875″
Headtube Angle: 75°
Seattube Angle: 71°
Seattube Height: 9″
Weight: 5 pounds 7 ounces

You can learn more about the Cult Deathrow frame on the Cult site.

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