TCU Products: BSD Race Stem V2

I was sitting at JFK waiting for my flight to San Francisco. I heard a slight commotion over my right shoulder so I turned and saw a girl, maybe 8 years old crying her eyes out. She was staring at the two men sitting across from me, who I must admit I had also been paying some attention to. They didn’t look like they belonged together. The first was fat, black, schlubby and had an unmistakably unhappy air about him. He barely spoke. The second was black as well but in stark contrast with the fat guy’s glum exterior, he was loud, effeminate, carrying an oversized and equally gaudy Louis Vuitton bag and talking incessantly. Based on his behavior, his appearance and the fact that it was 5 in the morning, I feel confident saying he was almost certainly using cocaine.

The little girl turned to her Mother and stuttered through her tears:

“Is that him? Is that Notorious?”

And then I realized who I was sitting across from. It wasn’t Biggie Smalls (who was murdered over 10 years ago) but Gravy, the failed rap star turned actor who played Biggie in the 2009 movie about his life, “Notorious” and famously shot himself in the ass outside of Hot 97.

As the little girl cried I looked into Gravy’s eyes and saw how annoyed, yet accustomed to this he was. For the average actor getting the star role in a major motion picture would be the pinnacle of their career. Their crowning achievement. But for a failed rapper, playing an icon came with a host of other concerns. Firstly, taking the role ensured that he would never make it as a rapper although that was probably already a foregone conclusion. And second, the role ensured that little kids and confused laymen would mistake him for Big Poppa for the rest of his life, ensuring that his star would never shine on it’s own. Heavy shit.

Unlike Gravy, the BSD Race Stem V2 isn’t pretending to be anything that it isn’t. Sure it’s been internally machined to save weight (it clocks in at just 10 and a half ounces) but what’s wrong with taking care of yourself? It also has solid bolts, which to me means that it knows what’s best for itself and isn’t running from it. I mean if you’re going to ice over switch ice kinked rails, you’re going to want to make sure your bolts don’t break, right?