The $30,000+ Leica M9

If you just won the lottery, are a microstock kingpin or generally have no control of your ballin, this is the camera for you. Coming in at a mere $31,770, this is an ultra limited edition Leica M9 with a drool-inducing f/0.95 lens. And you have to go to Japan to get it to, so thats another two to three grand right there. And you gotta take Brad Simms with you, so thats another two or three grand right there. If you had the $8k to buy the black M9 to begin with, you’ve gotta have another $30k to take Brad Simms to Japan.

Is it an extra $23,705 because it’s white? Nope, its $31,770 because there are only 50 of them being made & it comes with a 50mm f/0.95 “kit lens”. I’m not saying its worth it, but if I was ballin outta control, I’d buy that shit. Fuckit.

via Gizmodo