Talking Shop: Bob Scerbo and the Animal “QSS” Series

qss1 (All photos by Scerbo)

I initially emailed Bob simply to ask what “QSS” stood for. An almost instantaneous response prompted a couple further questions and before too long, we had a slightly informative conversation on our hands. Bob was nice enough to supply me with an advanced copy of the DVD which is, in my mind, one of the best to date. A Chocolate Truck mix, a Japan trip section and full parts from Mark Gralla and Ben Lewis set a stage scattered with the most current and groundbreaking street riding from the likes of Mike Hoder and Tom White (wait until you see their clips- you’ll know which ones I’m talking about) along with the usual cast of Animal‘s worldwide team and family. It is worth noting that the soundtrack to this one is a considerable departure from the hip-hop norm that Animal has long been associated with (along the lines of Hamilton‘s ending section in QSS 5).

Firstly, does “QSS” stand for anything? How did the project come about?

It stands for “Quick Shit Series,” It was just something I made up to put on the Animal Roadtrip DVD in 2006 so it would not get categorized as “The new Animal video” when it came out. It’s more like a mixtape series for lack of better words.

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