T1 – South Korea Slideshow

For this week’s Freaky Friday, Joe Rich put together an awesome slideshow of photos from a recent journey he took to South Korea with Joseph Frans. Cool to see a trip documented and presented a little differently. I’m really into how this came out.

“South Korea… what a treat. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I virtually knew nothing about SK before going there 2 weeks ago. Though that doesn’t make me particularly happy, I can honestly say that I love going places that I have no idea what to expect. Well, fellow T-1er, Joseph Frans, and myself made the Trans-Pacific journey on the 23rd of August, only to arrive in a place that we will never forget. Always impossible to put this all into words, so I thought a nice little slide show would be a good representation of our visit. I got hurt riding vert on the 3rd day, so riding was cut short, as well as my ability to get “out and about”. But… we had a blast none the less. Thank you so much to Boosung, Ross, Jin, Randolph, and David from ISAW. We will be back for Round 2 one day. Enjoy!
– Joe

*The music used for the slide show, is traditional Korean music. The 3rd to last picture shows about 12 older women sitting on the ground with drums. You guessed it, they are the ones responsible for the tune. SO GOOD!”

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