Joe Simon vs. Coldplay

I heard about this awhile back & almost didn’t want to touch on it cause I figured it’d be too sore of a subject. Last summer Joe Simon shot Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo’s wedding & released a trailer for the film online featuring the Coldplay song “Fix You”. The first place I saw it was on the local news & I rushed to my computer to see the whole thing. The shit was really amazing. I was stoked that Joe got to do it, that he was able to share it & the amount of exposure it got. And thats where it should have ended. Well a few months later, he gets a fax/email that says the record company is coming after him for use of the song. As a small business owner, that had to be the worst feeling in the world. Without going into specifics, Joe speaks pretty candidly about the whole experience & gives some sound advice to working professionals. Check out the interview here.