The Come Up In Texas Photos.

While we were in Austin we rode with a dude named Leo Furmansky for a couple days. He was nice enough to show us around to a bunch of good spots and took some photos that you can check out after the jump. Above is my Spinner portrait that I taped up on the back of the van.

Jake Seeley manualing around in front of one of the best spots we ate at.

Jake Seeley, Luc-E to tooth hanger on a ledge.

Sean Burns smacked this chick around, but she really wanted him to pee on her.

Russ, T-bog at the little skatepark.


  • jeremy


  • switchblade

    does seeley have any other clothes? or does he just steal some from the closest homeless guy. damn, i don’t like him.

    • AMPM*&

      haha you know you don;t ride when you can frequentley remember what Jake Seely is wearing.

  • cbrom

    switchblade, jake’s actually a chill ass dude, i bet you havent even chilled with him before, i was with leo and them when they were in austin and he wore the same hat, wow. grow up brow

  • Garrett Reeves

    from Nice to ICE!

  • switchblade

    actually i have, at hackettstown. he was at total goon to everyone who was riding and i just don’t have much respect for people who act like that. and he smelled like poop. I bet if i got to know him, we’d be friends, but first impressions are a bitch. I ride when i can in the winter, but i’m saving for a house, so i can’t justify pissing away all my dough on road trips and whatnot.

    • adam

      He was a total goon to everyone? I think you’re probably the first person I’ve ever heard say anything along those lines about Jake. Get real. He does smell like shit pretty often though, that’s true.

  • cpmanat

    daaamn those ears are redic

  • dirty fuckin harry

    sorry dude but russ is doing a table. not trying to hate

  • bigbri

    luc E to tooth is reeetarrded! props.

  • Woody Itson

    Looks like a bunch of faggots to me.

  • CHarlie

    na dude jake was cool met that nigga when yall were on this trip at jared swaffords house he was with garret renyolds