TCU Exclusive: Diamondback Road Trip Gallery

One of the cool things about having Alfredo handling all the advertising on TCU is that sometimes he lines stuff up without telling me. Or he tells me but it’s in one ear and out the other. This was one of those trips. Less than a month after finishing Young & Retarded in Phoenix, Alfredo told me I was scheduled to fly to Arizona to meet up with the Diamondback crew. We would be covering much of the same terrain that we visited

Stylistically the Y&R gang was pretty uniform in comparison to the DB crew, which was about as varied as it gets. Young peg prodigies and weathered dirt vets sat side by side in the 15 passenger van. Overall I had a great time getting to know each different personality so writing this article and churning through my month old memories was far from a chore. Check out some of Devin Feil’s photos from the trip along with some words about my experience starting… now.TCU-Diamondback-1
I first met Mike probably about a year ago. The average web video kid pretty much always fails to make an impression on me, but I remembered him via his string of memorable edits. Then I saw his Hunt part and realized that he’s well on his way to becoming one of the best riders. Maybe the moment when he ET to no handers off a roof was what really tipped me off. He’s a tiny little ball of energy that pretty much just exploded wherever we went.

This is a pretty good example. Feeble hop up manual to whip has become a pretty standard trick amongst flat ledge aficionados but Mike fired one out on this bar height, double leveled ledge just minutes after we parked the van.