Picture This With Mario Gorman

To kick off our new photogalley series, Picture This, we have some exclusive snaps from Long Beach’s own Mario Gorman AKA Mr. Smokedsignals. Click through to see all the pics along with some words from the man himself!

My name is Mario Gorman and I shoot digital and analog photography. I am based in Long Beach, California and my passion is shooting bmx. It’s been roughly 6 years since I started taking photos of my friends that eventually evolved to shooting them do bicycle stunts. I don’t do this full time but only when I am free from working a 9 to 5 job.    



I love taking these type of portraits with the hard sun light. It’s like a natural flash that puts out more watts than anything on this planet. Here Ty Morrow soaks up that power taking a break from pedaling the streets of downtown Los Angeles. 


November 17th, 2018 The biggest bmx jam in the southwest and pizza fest going down all at the same location. This was at the beginning of the jam right before the mob migrated towards downtown Phoenix. Richard Hernandez double pegged up the rail to 360 in a matter of a few tries. I got a good amount of photos of him at this jam. Mainly because he made it so easy for me, Landing everything 1st try or damn close.


Tom Villarreal using the tree stump as a booster to pop him over the fence. He clipped his back tire on the first try narrowly escaping the nail like top that could of easily slashed his tire. The next go he came in a crank faster and cleared the fence with ease. Tom was getting so comfortable with the jump that I got a few different angles, this being my favorite.


The On Some Shit and Everyones Fuckin jam through Hollywood was one of the hugest jams as of late in Southern California. Hundreds of bmx riders flooded the streets to each spot to ride or witness history of tricks landed with their very own eyes. Here Abdullah Alkhallil better known as “Odules” sends a whip into the pool shutting down the spot and making someones history on Instagram. 


The one they call Trevmags, coming straight out of an Animal “can I eat” video, has been a real treat to have in Long Beach. Every time I ride with him he goes full send at all times with a raw street style. The steel pegs explain it all. Here he does a wall ride over a gas pipe which is probably not the best idea but we got the shot and managed to not explode.


Justin told me one day to go with him to the valley to shoot some photos. What I didn’t know was that he was going to do a 20 stair banger.  Right out of the vehicle Shorty handled this opposite double peg first try.