Photo: Muffinman.

Here’s a photo of Muffinman (who now rides for Cult) that Soul Stealer AKA Dom took a while back. I sent it to Ride UK back in January and asked if they would be down to use it for a bio, that I would be happy to write. They said sure. Then I didn’t hear anything about it for a while and finally got a response saying, amongst other things, that they wouldn’t be running the Muffinman bio or an interview relating to some parts company I own because I have “repeatedly dismiss printed magazines as a valid form of media in today’s bmx world.” That’s fine (I’ve never denied that print is a valid form of media. I’ve certainly publicly stated the ways in which I think the internet is better, but what would you expect? And to anyone who wants to disagree in the comments, you’re looking at this site, and I’m guessing it’s not your first time).

But why should the Muffinman suffer? He’s a good kid, kills it on a bike and was genuinely excited to get a photo in a magazine for the first time. I even asked Keith Romanowski (who shot a portrait that was going to accompany the above photo) to offer to write up his own bio about Muff and he never heard back. I’m sure Muffin will get a photo in a magazine sooner or later regardless, but the whole thing struck me as kind of silly. I saw it just now on Dah Streets and figured posting it was the least I could do. Actually refraining from puking on the basis of how blatant the politics of what riders appear in certain magazines is the least I could do.