Method Man & Redman React To Nas News.

Man this is funny. It was recently announced that Nas, who recently got divorced from his ex wife, Kelis was being forced to pay 40-50,000 dollars a month. Here, Redman and Method Man react. Nas has obviously made a lot of money over the years but I can’t imagine that he’s got enough to hand over that much monthly like it’s no big deal! Seen on Dirty Glove Bastard.

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0 thoughts on “Method Man & Redman React To Nas News.

  1. Ice cube said it best. A bitch is a bitch! Fuck Kelis. she should work for her money. i would pay her a hundred bucks to get my knuckles stinkin’ bad. and i would pay a hundred to see a Nas tour! mad cunt!

  2. i think the most ridiculous part of that shit is that a majority of people in america hardly break 55k a fucking year! and this cunt, just for jumpin on some rich dudes cock is making more money a month than most in the year. redman said it best
    “That shit is fucking F O U L”

  3. they talked a lot of sense. child support? ‘support’ implies that you’ve got something but it needs topping up.

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