How To Wipe Your Ass With One Sheet Of Toilet Paper.


0 thoughts on “How To Wipe Your Ass With One Sheet Of Toilet Paper.

  1. what the fuck is the point of the single sheet ? if your finger is getting that shitty u best be washing your hole fucking hand after anyways. just man up and scoop that right outta there. with that said i would rather dig through the garbage for anything to wipe to not get that much shit on me. also spreading your cheeks before you sit exposing your sphincter so less wipey is needed

  2. I cant believe this made it on the come up. hahaha. Its probably the most legit edit of something gross/funny that has been made. I hope people take it really serious.

  3. I call fake, as in a peanut butter jar under his arse.
    I also call the phone book pages a shit rag if there’s no tp left.

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