No Jumper – The HurtboyAG Interview

00:00 Hurt plays a few unreleased beats
06:00 Getting started making beats
08:00 Were you a backpacker?
10:30 When did you first start to feel successful?
14:30 We talk about Action Bronson for some reason
18:10 Future and his producer tag
22:00 Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked on Hurt’s door
23:00 Touring with Odd Future
26:20 Meeting Future
33:00 Where the name Hurt came from
36:00 Producers stealing beats
38:00 The fake Chief Keef mixtape
38:50 Hurt says Vince Staples and Joey Fatts stole his laptop
43:00 The merger of hip hop and EDM
44:30 The 808
46:30 When a roach gets into your lean
49:50 Meeting Chief Keef and Fredo Santana
52:00 Kids stealing songs
54:40 Backwoods
59:00 Hoverboards
1:02:00 Fake lean
1:08:40 9/11
1:12:00 Sadness
1:14:00 30 beats a day
1:17:30 Advice to the kids
1:20:00 Gambling with Gucci Mane
1:21:30 Chief Keef on No Jumper

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