X Games Results.

Just in case you’re interested in this stuff and haven’t managed to find the results elsewhere, here’s what we know so far:

Daniel Dhers won park. Dennis Enarson got 2nd, Cranmer got 3rd. Your favorite riders aren’t stoked.

Jamie Bestwick won vert, but not before Steve McCann joined Mat Hoffman’s no handed 900 club for 2nd and Vince Byron 540 double whipped into 3rd. Here’s the video from vert:

In Mega, McCann took the gold, Vince Byron got 2nd and Kagy got 3rd. You can watch the video here but the craziest thing I saw was Chad trying to do a flair whip over 15 feet out. Not to mention that it was right after a perfect double flip and he threw the whip UNBELIEVABLY late. Here’s the video of that:

And finally a few people told me they thought that Dennis Mccoy took a dig at K Rob for his faked high air record in the following clip but personally I think they’re reading too far into it. What do you think?