Van Homan Speaks On The Fit Break-up.

Van Homan has been very quiet since the Fit break up that rocked the world (here, here and here). But he just sent over a statement about the whole situation, clarifying what his opinion is on everything. So check that after the jump, and in case you want to marvel at some great riding on this slow day, here are 5 Van Homan videos you should watch as well:

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I became part of the Fit family in 2002 because I was excited to get away from the corporate BMX sponsorship world, where I felt that the bottom line and contest results seemed to be their number one priority. I was excited to work with Robbie Morales, Chris Moeller and the Fit team which included and still consists of Mike Aitken, Brian Foster, Justin Inman and Edwin Delarosa. A lot of smaller companies were having problems getting American made frames manufactured at the time. But with Chris Moeller/S&M providing the machine shop and the know how to design and produce quality products, it seemed like a fool proof plan.

Over the past 8 years, I, along with many others, have helped build Fit into what it is today. Fit is more then one person. Although Robo, Moeller, Mike Aitken and the rest of the team have been key players in the growth of Fit, it never could have been what it is today without people like George Ramirez packing boxes, Timmy Ball running the machine shop, Nick Benson heading up the sales force, Neal Wood in product design and the insane number of other contributors most of whom are fellow riders. Fit truly is a family and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Chris and Robbie have had their differences in the past but as of recently it started to become clear that this time there were going to be some major changes. I have to admit this transition has been hard on me. I have looked up to both parties involved on a number of levels since I was a kid. It feels something like being a 12 year old kid caught in the middle of his parents divorce. All this may sound a bit dramatic and maybe it is but Fit is more then just a job or a sponsor to me.

Fit is something I’ve spent 1/3 or my life being a part of and something I will continue to be a part of and take pride in. I understand that Robbie and the other team riders felt they needed to move on. I respect their decisions and honestly wish them the best in their new ventures. However, don’t let their actions discount what Fit is and stands for.

Fit is a rider owned company that continues to make quality products, sponsor events and supports a number of riders as both sponsored pros and employees. Fit grew into what it is because they do things right and for the right reason, that’s not going to change. I am excited about the future of Fit. I feel like this whole situation has already brought me closer to some of the other team riders. We have great ideas moving forward and are collectively going to work hard to continue kicking ass.

Van Homan “Still Fit!”

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