Tyrone Williams Off Redline.

(Photo by Nuno, via Defgrip)

Ride says Tyrone is off Redline. I kinda thought he was off Redline a while ago, but then he had a bike check last month and he was still rocking their frame. Regarding his upcoming sponsor situation, I haven’t posted anything about it for the past 2 years, so I might as well not start now until they make it official. If you’re confused about what I’m talking about, the comments could possibly help fill you in, but I wouldn’t believe what the commenters on this site say either; they’re all jerks.

Completely unrelated, Ride says Raul Ruiz is on Fit flow too.

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  • http://rockjockcock.com eleventeen

    hes on nike now,look at his jacket

  • http://Website jpbmx

    Word is Skavenger or Animal will be making frames.

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  • http://Website miller light

    i heard he is getting picked up my popeyes and tabasco!!!!!

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    butcher been testin that jaunt

  • http://Website south bay dre

    he has nothin to worry about, owns a bike shop


  • http://Website ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    animal frames? shit’s been talked about since i started riding bikes

  • http://Website spots

    skavenger is making frames. lil jeff has had one for a while

  • http://Website a town massive

    you dipshit

  • http://Website lil b niglet

    nah nigga, he be on that other shit. He has been on Supra but on the DL. Also rides for Fanta, and neff head wear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Freako-Rico/1123020124 Freako Rico

    desmond rhodes was runnin a skavenger frame till it broke. it had the brooklyn bridge on the wishbone…#fml

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    mongoose or dieeeeeeeeeeeee

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    white boys pissed

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    Skavenger bikes epeople!!!!! Your gonna see alot of those boys leeving there frame sponsors very soon and riding for skavenger, just watch!!!!!!

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    yup !!!when ever the bikes are ready ??????????????????

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    i need to sell bike parts! call my cell or text 614-806-0148 or call 740-877-8598 ask for Laura

  • http://Website Ian Schwartz

    phat laura!

  • http://Website Chris

    Robbo is trying to get Rone into his Cult.

  • http://Website Tray

    I heard he’s gonna ride for Colt45 and Old E.