Still Out Here Now Available in DVD



Fernando went ahead and produced hard copies of the amazing Still Out Here video that you can now pick up through their webstore. Those are very limited so go get yours now before they are all gone!

“Featuring full parts from Jaime Gonzalez, Mirco Andreani, Michal Smelko, Mati Lasgoity and Diego “Mono” Navarro. Additional riding from Martin Svodoba, Quique Rico, Alex “Frenchie” Coumailleau, Santiago Arano, Luciano Masetti, Vicente Candel, Leandro Gardos, “Chase de Mataro”, Moises Sanchez, Joan Pere, Adrian Serrano, Mauro Bustamante, Vita Kacha, Fabian Bader, Killian Roth,  Simone Barraco, Fernando Laczko, Dan Lacey, Dakota Roche and Ty Morrow.”