Simple Session 2013 Results


Simple Session 2013 is in the books with Kevin Peraza taking the win and our own Stevie Churchill winning best trick. Here’s the top ten, check out how 11-24 panned out after the jump.

1 Kevin Peraza 444
2 Michael Beran 437
3 Harry Main 433
4 Daniel Sandoval 432
5 Kyle Baldock 427
6 Logan Martin 425
7 Devon Smillie 420
8 Pat Casey 414
9 Bruno Hoffman 413
10 Todd Meyn 410

11 Stevie Churchill 408
12 Simone Barraco 404
13 Trey Jones 399
14 Daniel Tünte 395
15 Alex Kennedy 390
16 Tommy Dugan 390
17 Ryan Taylor 387
18 Jack Clark 385
19 Josh Harrington 383
20 Shanon Farrugia 377
20 Anthony Perrin 377
22 Jack Watts 376
23 Sebastian Keep 375
24 Dan Paley 368

2 thoughts on “Simple Session 2013 Results

  1. Definitely disappointing in the judging. I mean, Sebastien Keep and Dan Paley in the last two spots beat out by all the Total kids that landed one foot? Simone absolutely killed it and didn't even land in the top ten? Everyone seemed so stoked on Smillie's run and loved Bruno, and they didn't even hit top 5…

    Honestly I had a lot of fun watching it and was stoked on the awesome shit that went down, but the judging was a bit lame.

    • oh..park guys do not take risks?same runs?like you didnt know that bruno was going to 540…i get it you´re into street, but your opinion is piece of shit.and how many fakie crooked grind did you see in there? alot more than 1080s

    • I agree with Ricky, that bikeflip whip thing looks an awful lot like a scooter move. There is a lot more to BMX than doing two tricks in one. Watching Bas' high speed lines that nobody else would do, or Devon, AK and Bruno using that uprail to vert wall set up was a more accurate representation.

    • Oh lordy! Well while I'm admittedly biased, I think it's pretty obvious the judging was stacked in favor of the park dudes. But really how is anybody supposed to judge this mess? As hard as it is, a perfectly executed gap bar over ice, or curved wall to g turn looks like kids stuff next to a half pulled double whip flair.

    • and no street rider did a barspin line?…dude you are plain stupid did you eve watch the damn thing.i am into every kind of rideing the only thing that suck in our sport is stupid ignorant fucks like you… i bet you dont even like bmx, you ride because your friend said its cool

  2. I really don't understand why they don't have separate events for park and street. It doesn't give a fair playing field for the dudes who don't ride foam pits and box jumps. Its like judging two different sports, clearly one is going to reign supreme amongst them all and that's the dudes who are doing gymnastics in the air. On the positive side of things the course looked unreal, just saying they should think about splitting it up to give everyone a fair chance.

  3. I honestly loved the fact that they mixed park and street together. Simple session isn't all about making top 3 anyways.. I bet every one of the street guys who made the finals was stoked as fuck. This contest is really good about bringing different types of riding together, it does a much better job of that then the xgaymes or dewtour. Millions of people got to watch the entire event. Plus the party is huge as hell.

  4. Really bummed on the results. They should have separated the rails from the box jump. Maybe next year? Bmx has way, way more to offer than a box jump session. Just too one dimensional.

  5. Everyone shredded, but I wish they would count street tricks as much as flairs and whatnot, don't get me wrong I love seeing those crazy ass flips and I understand how hard they are! But I just feel like riders such as "Hoffman, Churchill, and AK" went just as hard as the top three riders but placed lower because of not doing hardcore flips (and because of falling a little) but other than that, everyone shredded hard.

  6. Great show as always.
    Really was confused by the judgement too.
    Not to mention crazy street guys, I don't get why Mark Mulville runs with classic trails style mixed with crazy tricks (like superman to pendulum) didn't placed him in the finals. And Greg Illingworth was the only one going full-speed while doing original lines all over the park.
    As a result we saw 2-period frinals (street+boxjump) with nothing linking them both. Even the podium.

  7. I realize we're in the time where video game tricks are awesome but I'm already sick of seeing downside whips or doubble backs everyone doing them then you got smilie out there killing it since when is tech and smoothness not rewarded

  8. I was just sitting down there and browsing my phone through the last 2 heats.. After the street riders finished I was just bored as fuck there. Last 2 heats were pretty much filled with riders who tried to do more tailwhips and barspins than the previous guy, not impressed. Got me thinking that judges were just judging by the crowd who just went louder on the flips..

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