Sean Sexton Off Odyssey

Big news coming in; Sean Sexton has been removed from the Odyssey team along with Chase Hawk, who we posted about yesterday. Here’s his statement from Instagram:

“@odysseybmx has decided to part ways with me in 2016, and I’m really blown away to be honest. Things change, and it’s probably for the best so I’m just going to stay focused and keep it moving in 2016. #motivation #itsallgravybaby #bmx #sxtn”

Odyssey posted their own statement soon after:

“Every single one of us at Odyssey couldn’t be more bummed that Chase Hawk and Sean Sexton are no longer part of the Odyssey team. Nobody wanted this, and it’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do as a company or as individuals. But what it came down to is Odyssey was more down for Chase and Sean than they were for Odyssey. They wouldn’t come on our trips, they wouldn’t come out riding with us at home, and when we could get them to hang out with us, it wasn’t hard to tell they’d rather be somewhere else. That kind of attitude can bring down a session or a trip worse than anything. Supporting guys who don’t support us has been really tough.

Every single other rider on our team is 100% down for Odyssey and down for their friends on the team, and it only makes sense to put everything we’ve got behind the guys who truly love Odyssey and are stoked on what we’re doing. We wish more than anything that Chase and Sean were down, but sadly they’ve shown us for a long time now that they’re not, and something had to give. It’s tragic things have unfolded this way, I hope once the smoke clears we can all be friends again.”

Sean Sexton then weighed in in the comments section:

“This is some straight up bullshit. Really @odysseybmx ?”

All I gotta say is, well, ain’t that some shit.

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