Sean Burns Off Metal.

Wow. To be honest, I was kind of waiting for this to happen. Burns keeps getting bigger and bigger and it seems like Metal has pretty much totally stalled out. I’m sure Sean’s friendship with Jimmy and the rest of the team made this a hard decision regardless of what his reasons for leaving are. Knowing him, I bet he’s got something good in the works though.

“This will be my last metal post. After 9 1/2 years on metal bikes, i have decided to part ways. I am no longer working nor riding for metal bikes. since 2001 jimmy, seth, joe carnell, and the team over the years involved have been nothing but wild times and good memories. I thank everyone from this past decade involved with metal a big party booger high five and to all the metal bikes contributors and fans. Im sure Jimmy will carry out the metal name for years to come. thanks and stay gold- 1 million bra sales- with much love and appreciation— sean burns”

Had a good talk with Burns. He doesn’t have any new sponsor plans, just wasn’t feeling how Metal was going from a business perspective. When there are friendship’s involved in a business, sometimes it’s better to walk away before feelings get hurt. You gotta respect someone who follows their heart. Go buy Bone Deth.

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