Naked Whores.

JB (I still don’t know her real name) sent me a link to this website, Puke Party where she’s been guest blogging. It mostly consists of her hanging out with BMXers in Estonia and getting naked. Warning… not even close to safe for work. Check out here usual blog, I Live To Party too while you’re at it. This girl should have a Q&A thread on the board.


0 thoughts on “Naked Whores.

  1. thats funny i dont have hep. ive had one bmxer up in me, and it was amazing.. the rest i made out with cause im a make out whore. now dont be jealous because i wouldn’t give you the time of day due to your mangled grill, sucky bmx skills, and small ass dick. haters fuck off. im livin my life.

  2. Hmmm…it’s about time that BMXers start getting some naked broads at events/parties…thing has been a sausage fest for too long. Then again, the bleach blond, “look at my tits, look at my tits!” skanky, pro-ho thing is a little too close to the MX “moto ho” syndrome. It’d just be nice to have hot, only sorta sleazy girls say, “oh, cool, you ride BMX,” instead of “what are you doing on a kids bike? Why don’t you have a fixie?”

  3. your right, and ur blog is super dialed… very entertaining. i dunno what got into me. very rude. of course the comments section in a bmx website doesn’t matter in real life so take this suedo apology for what its worth and keep partying, cus compared to partying… BMX is fuckin lame. partying takes real talent

    • Did you seriously just complain about seeing tits.
      Maybe your attracted to dudes that wear chick pants and ride bmx.
      Maybe your the bmx whore. You hang around at skateparks hitting on dudes all day talking about how much talent it takes to ride bmx, then sneak under ramps and suck them off.

    • hahha when did I complain about tits? listen lil guy, lil tits on the lil internet arent that great… you see some in real life enough and you’ll figure it out.. otherwise.. go frost urself. i’m in the steets

  4. im not here to appease everyone im here to be myself. tits are tits lumps of fat with a little brown quarter size nipple on them. do you hate on playboy? do you not jack off? not into girls? not into comedy.. if you dont find it at least entertaining then im sorry for you because tits make everyone smile. suck it. puke party is whats up. were gonna die one day do what you want fuck the rest.

    • Im in to girls,just not ones with flap jack tits and no self respect.

      get real,just because you have a blog doen’t make you any different from any other pro hoe/ramp tramp.
      your a slut,there is no two ways about it.
      Except that most bmxers would gladly bang your saggy ass and laugh about it with there friends,but wouldn’t be in a relationship with you if you where the last girl on earth.

  5. its just clownin.. if you can’t hang, get off the internet. these losers you speak of, are the same reason you (JB) are scanning our sites and trying to get publicity off our genre… really ur just one of us only with tits, and no bmx skills what so ever, which actually puts you in the lead 1 – 0. OH! and I owe you a bottle for hurting your feelings.. I dunno you and I don’t deserve to comment about you. talking shit on the internet is just sooooo much fun. cheers!

  6. theres a lot of gay dudes on that site abotu 3 pages back. i wish i could take back the last 2 mins of my life. honestly who gets drunk and takes showers with other dudes and pisses on each other. partying and gettin crazy is sweet but thats just straight homo.

  7. Who gets mad about shit talking in the comments of a post with ur face titled “naked whores” is that not offensive yet everything else is? I’m fuckin stumped like Randy Stumphouser (spelling?) from HUFFY!!!!!

  8. good thing im into chicks not dicks. guys are fun to mess around with but im a puss magnet. and no i dont expect to have a relationship with any bmxer nor do i wish to have a relationship with anyone. and i never want to be married and i never want kids so suck it.

  9. ahaha that blog was funny shit. come to england more often girls
    skinny blonde girl is ace ;) who cares if she flashes her tits i still would anyday

  10. This is SUPER FANTASTIC if you kids dont like ass and titties then you faggot, no one cares these bitches are hot and like to party, sounds good to me

  11. agreed. like. i thought most bmx dudes were about partying. i b all like, about it and shit. and it has nothing to do wit da fact that i’m 1/2 black. i just like peepin tits and dix. dont hate because we gots a dope blog and shit. da attack probably rides better than most of you and shit. and like. we all be like boner doners so hop on my dick before i take you to j holts horny bed with THOR and rule dat ass!

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