Mike Tag Update.

Steve Crandall wrote up a big post on FBM about Mike Tag’s updated condition:

“It’s really difficult to see one of your best friends that you grew up with, as bald as a cueball, shooting pool, while describing the struggle of going through chemo therapy, talking about trying to get medicaid, and joking about drinking pedialyte at the bar. It’s a truly conflicting sad and proud scenario. It’s sad to to see Mike tag sick, i get all choked up when he’s not looking, But I am proud of him, his strength, endurance, and the fact that he is fighting the good fight even if its as gnarly as it is. Equally uplifting is how a community has gotten behind Mike in this tough time, the people of Ithaca New York, and beyond in a world of BMXer’s who have shown a resounding support for an icon.”

Check out more words plus photos from a benefit show they had for Mike here. If you still haven’t, go pick up one of those awesome Dans/Shitluck shirts that are being sold to raise money for Mike.