Leland Thurman On Mike Tag.

I have never seen an outpouring of emotion from the death of a rider as we’ve seen over the last 12 hours or so for Mike Tag. I was going to screengrab some of the tweets and status updates that have been put up about Mike, but it almost seems silly. You can’t even glance at a social networking service, BMX forum or BMX blog without seeing sentence after sentence about how impressive Mike was as a rider and how great a person he was. But this paragraph that Leland just put up on Facebook really hits hard:

“I tried to stop myself from writing this but here it goes… If i’ve ever learned anything more about life from another person it was mike tag. I can’t thank you guys enough for the ammont of support from text, emails, and phone calls that i have recieved in the last 12 hours. Its weird being best friends with your hero. I think thats why it makes it ten times harder to deal with. One of the craziest dudes i have ever come across. I can’t even count the adventures, now that i think about it, our entire friendship was an adventure. You will be missed my friend in the most undescrible way. You were my partner and my best friend, you’ve made me the person i am today. He always told me, your nothing without your friends… Well my friend, its a whole different world without you. You will be missed and never forgotten. R.I.P. MIKE TAG. I love you buddy.”


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