David Grant Off Stranger & Lotek.


Previously: Lotek Mixtape Volume 2 Section 1: David Grant.

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    going to better things

  • eatforfree


  • http://Website L

    Wasn’t he just about to get a sig frame and everything?

  • yeappppp

    i heard he stole rich’s meth and sold all his acid so he kicked em off

    • LaMadre

      no i think he kicked him off cuz he wasnt sellin enough of his acid to reup on meth

  • fat chick

    good that fool sucks, hate his style its so boring, oooh wow he’s really tall la dee da

  • http://Website ah

    whatever company he goes too ill buy 3 of every frame they have inn every color! dood is siqq as fuqq!

  • http://Website Name (required)

    kid should go to a company that pays him money not drugs. he possibly realized he can buy drugs with the money he should be making.

    • yeappppp


  • http://www.groundedbmx.com brecht

    great… just pre ordered a bunch of his frames…

  • http://Website dude

    BSD & Osiris now ?

  • Torgrim


  • http://www.bmxunion.com Kurt

    Albe’s is starting a bike company called Andy’s. David is going to be the first pro rider with a full line.

  • lanks mcgee

    almond and volume

  • mike

    should have just stayed on fit, but looks like a bsd trade.

  • Tex

    wtf? I would be really interested in knowing the story behind this…I think he was the only rider that really kept me interested in the Stranger Co. and their web edits.

    • Ross

      thats what im saying

    • Word

      Yah, im a little dissapointed. He seemed like a perfect fit. Rich if your looking for a team rider who wont bail on you 3 months into your sponsorship hit me up.

  • http://Website Murbak

    who gives a shit, kids an internet pro and stranger/lotek are shite anyway

  • http://Website isht

    dear god please dont say he’s on the gully factory now

    • sham

      hes been on gully factory

  • http://Website I love him

    Yo fuck all you mother fuckers. This shit is real an raw an uncut. Bout to see big things outa this guy. Huffy bike co

  • http://Website Officer Briggs

    He’s on Schwinn and Airwalk, you heard it here first.

  • Bluntosaurus Rex

    I heard FBM is gonna give him a frame called the Lank -master

    • http://www.squeedspot.blogspot.com Jackson.


  • http://Website Nathan hanlon

    good go one to better things hes soo good

  • http://thetruth.com saf

    maybe rich finally saw the thread he made years ago on the board ragging the shit outta “so freestyle” and mosh/lotek all together. hahaha so freestyle was dope too.

    • http://Website JW

      Link please

  • http://Website ☺☻☺☻

    2Hip and Boks

    • Sirgay

      No one remembers boks. Thanks though!


      no…niggas DO remember bokz….dont get it twisted…hoffman rode those shits!

  • k yezz movin units

    toys r us and crocs

  • http://Website duh

    Mongosse and addidas

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Freako-Rico/1123020124 Freako Rico

    idk why niggas be bailin on Rich

    • ..

      I think it’s the other way around

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Hines/1488822918 Mike Hines

    Hopefully his next sponsor will pay him enough to eat a God damn sandwich.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Freako-Rico/1123020124 Freako Rico

    its all about the $$$$.

  • Justin

    Passero is next. Rich should just pay his riders some money. So many people own loteks you would think he would have money

    • dick

      i would rather a bit more shoes than more money but i dont know thats just me

  • oakwia

    lol whos wife did he fuck?

    • Kevin


  • http://Website v

    This is as shocking as waking up fucking with a cock in your mouth

  • Nate

    he’s on cult

    • ellis

      thats what i thought

  • uzi

    scattered bikes and viva la bmx

  • whatitis?

    Maybe rich should answer an email or two instead of talking about it.

    • http://pa-all-day.blogspot.com james dean

      true. i emailed him a week ago to see when dream machines and sprockets were gonna be ready to go… no reply. thanks rich.

  • Mike


  • Bill


  • crazy bones

    schwinn and airwalk, made..

  • kyle h

    damn fool!! such a trend in small rider owned companies. that sucks

  • http://Website van h

    fit bike co and vans

  • Ben

    who the hell is david grant?

  • mark twain

    nah i think hes going to mongoose and starter shoes

  • damn

    damn and josh eilken leaving federal. BSD is going big

  • truf

    for the clueless dudes who don’t know why david grant is the shit: style to burliness ratio. maaad smooth for how tall he is and how big the tricks he does are.

  • http://Website Webster


  • http://www.pushitastop.com scott


    • http://Website count grishnackh


  • Jordan

    seems like stranger/lotek can’t hold onto any riders.

  • http://thecomeupbmx.net/videos/dylan-stark-index-ink-video/#comments yeee

    that actualy supried me. he seemed to “fit” there

  • nowhere

    i dont think he left for any company in particular, really he will just end up on some shitty company who is in the dark.

  • like

    like bsd

  • mutiny

    david grant…gross

  • tmprd

    he used to be on fit before he went to stranger. But people go back so who knows. I reckon either fit or bsd

  • http://pa-all-day.blogspot.com james dean

    shamco. and berkenstock.