Chicks With Nice Asses.

I’m always trying to big up TCUB here on the blog. At first it was just because I was trying to get people posting, now it’s because I just honestly think we have an amazing thing going on over there. There’s a lot of retards (Capone is their leader) but there’s some intelligent discussions on there. And far more important, some hilarious shit. And even more important than that, there are a LOT of naked girls. I may have had to get rid of the “porn” section to keep the ad dollars coming in (although it seems like the cat section has been taken over by porn) but there’s still a lot of naked chicks on there. Probably some dudes too, I’m not sure. Anyway anyone who has spent any time on the board has probably noticed the “HOT SCENE CHICKS” thread which has become sort of legendary (check out what comes up first when you put in “hot scene chicks” into Google and what comes up 4th when you search “scene chicks”) but we now have a growing “Chicks With Nice Asses” thread going as well that is starting to make a dent with 143k views. Get into it.