Catty Jam & Ben K Update.

First off I’d like to let everyone know that Ben K is now doing much better. Read about what happened to him here. He’s out of the hospital and according to his friends is supposed to make an almost complete recovery over the course of the next couple months. Apparently he’s already doing super good. And in a really bizarre turn of events, apparently the hospital has decided to waive Ben’s 6 figure medical bill for 500 dollars. I’ve never, ever heard of anything like that happening before. But it’s pretty amazing. However he’s still got to keep doing physical therapy which is real expensive, and the guys from Catty are doing a big jam to raise money for him:

“This is a flyer for the Catty woods jam Nov. 1. We are having 50/50 raffle with 8 prize packages all between 200 to 1000 dollars worth of goods with the top prize having a Sunday trail frame. We are also having a 10 dollar long jump contest where all the money goes to Ben for his medical bills. Winner of the long jump gets close to 1000 package with a complete back odyssey wheel. The long jump is after 3 berms and a roller tabletop, so anyone can do it.”

And just for the record, the reason why people like Ben have such a hard time in situations like this is because we’re one of the only country’s fucked up enough to not have public health care. If you oppose Obama’s health care reform plan you should kill yourself.