BMX Plus! Falsely Accuses David Grant Of Plastic Peg Use.

So, this is pretty amazing. Everyone knows that a large percentage of riders have adopted plastic pegs. Well this month BMX Plus! decided to get all topical by discussing the fact that David Grant rides them in the caption for this photo. Which would be fine. Except it’s totally made up.

Back story: This ledge is in Hollywood. It was the same day that Liam Zingbergs Luc-e 180ed it. Then David threw some wax on the ledge and toothed it. He pulled it after a couple tries. Devin Feil shot the photo. This is a trick that would definitely be easier with plastics, but David and Liam both still ride metal pegs. So there are the facts.

What I want to know is what kind of person writes a caption like this? First off you can pretty much tell he’s got metal pegs in the photo. I haven’t seen the magazine in real life but from the looks of it, the photo is pretty clear and you should probably be able to tell that those aren’t plastic. Plastics are thicker and usually black. But even if the author somehow thought that the pegs looked plastic, wouldn’t you double check first before writing that? Is the author so out of touch with modern BMX that he thinks you can’t toothpick 2 feet of a painted ledge without a plastic peg?

Side note: I know Plus has been going through some restructuring. Is this what happens in the interim between Pavia quitting and Arriaga taking over? I should probably also take the time to note that “bepossible” is not a real word and that “in a spot like this” doesn’t make any sense in this context.

Now, of course this isn’t a big deal. Or at least it shouldn’t be. A peg is just a peg right? The thing is, David doesn’t ride plastics. He doesn’t care for them. Thinks they’re corny. A lot of riders feel that way. I suspect David might throw on a set if he ever runs into the perfect aluminum rail set up that he wouldn’t even bother trying with metal pegs. But generally he’s not a fan. And he’s not stoked that he got called out for running a bike part that he doesn’t ride. I’m sitting here imagining myself in his situation and I’d be pretty annoyed as well.

This isn’t that big a deal, but it’s definitely worth calling them out. Plus should be more careful before they go around throwing out weird assumptions that will inevitably end up with them getting called out by┬ámuch more popular BMX media sources.

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