Alex Bermudez Is Blogging. And He Hates Everyone.

Alex from Give D! (who apparently stole Tony based on the above photo) has been blogging hard on BNQT. I already decided not to give him the attention he’s begging for but the true extent of his poorly done shit talking really needs some attention (especially since the BNQT overlords told me he is “getting his wings clipped”). Alex’s ridiculous Eddie Cleveland blog was what first made me notice (most of the people who were actually there have a very different version of the story) what he’s doing over there, but his blog about me (complete with a Photoshopped picture of a penis in my hand and some “you mentioned me, therefore you must be obsessed with me” style logic… where did Alex get his psychology degree???) really drew me in! He apparently REALLY hates Kevin Porter’s riding since he wrote about it twice, he has issues with We The People’s business decisions (understandable given the unprecedented success of Give D!) and he calls Ben Snowden a “C list BMX pro” (which would be kind of funny coming from anyone besides a D level team manager). The hits don’t stop there as he also found time to talk shit on some guys who organized a street jam (twice), then accused Aaron Ross of reading child porn and made fun of Rick Thornethat’s gold Jerry… gold!

It’s obvious that Alex’s plan here was to be able to run his mouth under an alias without anyone knowing it was him (he’d hate to have another PR disaster like when he stole that money from Jeff D). Alas, the watchful eye of 22 sees all. This information raises many questions, not the least of which is how much longer FBM are going to allow Alex to make The Take look bad.?

UPDATE: Check this out. I have a friend (Larry Rhodes) with a story VERY similar to post number 2. Alex reminds me of a Catholic priest who gets up on the pulpit every week and talks about obeying God’s commandments, then bangs out altar boys in the ass. Except Alex always preaches about “fun” and “no regrets”, then he rips everyone off. He has probably had sex with at least a couple altar boys too so the comparison is glaring.

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