S&M 10″ Rise “Perfect 10″ Bars.


0 thoughts on “S&M 10″ Rise “Perfect 10″ Bars.

  1. I’m 6’5″ and run 9″ bars with a front load stem (as they’re 0.3″ taller than my old 8.25″ & Topload combo) and that feels perfect, and it’s not like 8.7″ was uncomfortable or anything… apart from the money they’re gonna make on these I can’t imagine any practical reason why these need be made…

    And the Iron Man sprocket no terrifies me, it looked okay for trails in the pics but was before I noticed they’ve cut out the teeth… steel or not, damn.

  2. These bars are fucking stupid and useless. I can’t wait to see some 12 year old who is riding a scooter frame with these bars and a top load stem. Companies keep making bars that are to high and that are not for me. I want bars that are 7.5 to 7.75 rise, not 8 9 or now 10 inch rise.

  3. Bars are for the tall dude and people who think will like it…

    Sprocket look super super awesome.. really nice design in my opinion..I dont know about the stiffness will see

  4. To all the nibblers
    I like where im at with 8′

    you ever wonder why riding a scooter is so easy.
    A big part of it is that you are in more of an upright stance
    This is Where taller bars put you. So therefor taller bars will make it easier to ride. Less huntched over. the only downfall would less ability to yank. And you bike is becoming a scooter.

    S&m Is a great company

  5. damn i ride the 9 inch eastern wonder years, there good but, i like s and m cuz its made in USA. 6-5 too, its good see big bars its not like u still cant get 7 inch tall bars idk bout that chain wheel thou i just hope there not $75+_lol good to know usa is still leading the way in enigeering ~ how do i get a job 4 s and m bikes????

  6. Fuck yeah S&M, i wouldn’t run 10 inch bars but if this means the demise of having 30 spacers under kids stems im all for it, i’ve seen to many kids running stems that barely grip the steerer tube.

    Kids want them, it’s not new, CW bars 11 inch mother fuckers.. BMX is doing a full circle, soon we all might actually be able to have fun again not whinge about whos making what for profit.

  7. I bought custom 9inch bars a few years ago, and got nothing but shit for running them. I told those people that in a few years people will be wanting and running bars the same size and bigger than what i had.

    they didnt believe me, but now they are the ones jizzing all over these things. whilst i realised that unless you are verging on being a giant, these are unnecessary.

  8. i can understand all you shrimp kids hating on the big bars, but for riders my size, 6’4″ and taller, my bike feels tiny. to you, your bike feels “good” probably because you weigh 130 and are 5’6″. i weigh 215 and am 6’5″ and believe me, 10″ bars to me, are your 8 inchers to all you pups. not hating on you but you wont ever understand what it feels like. try getting on an 18″ bike and you will understand what its like to be a giant trying to ride bmx.

  9. im 6’7 i win.
    buy parts when they break.
    flip your drop stem if you want taller bars, probably lighter than 2 inch taller bars.
    my first gt vertigo had 9 in rise bars.
    doesnt everybodys back hurt?

  10. i just run solid roseannes cut to 30”. id rather support my hometown of sacramento but props to S&M for just putting out a variety of products. i dont know why everyone complains about VARIETY. if you dont like big bars then dont buy them! if you care about what everyone else is doing then go back to being 14.

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