Products: Mike Hoder’s Signature S&M Grips

Sometimes I have nightmares where I’m a newly hired product designer at a major BMX brand and on my first day on the job they tell me to design a new and exciting BMX grip. Okay obviously that’s not true but it seems like some pretty decent subject matter for a nightmare. What could you possibly do to set your grips apart from the already flooded marketplace? Almost every idea has been tried. Long grips. Short grips. Grips of customizable length. Grips with flanges. Grips with no flanges. Grips with flange levels somewhere in the middle. Grips in every color of the rainbow. Hard grips. Soft grips. What are you going to do to set yourself apart from in this competitive marketplace? You’re a product designer! You better think up something and you better do it fast.

When Mike Hoder designed these new signature S&M grips he may not have thought up anything terribly outlandish to separate them from the fray but nonetheless I have heard many BMX luminaries call them the best grips they’ve ever rode. It was enough to make me give them a try and sure enough, they feel amazing. S&M chose to have them made in the USA by ODI and while I’m not in the position to say that American rubber is any better than any other, the proof is in the pudding; these things feel sensational.

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