Odyssey JCPC’s Now Available.

You never thought these were dropping right? Well they’re out, so go order some.

  • http://www.royalcycles.com JP

    Why the fuck are they only in black and white?

    • http://Website bro-g

      you can do multiple colors for pedal grinds

  • http://Website bro-g

    the fact that these didnt come out earlier caused me to tear legiments in my ankle and have sex with my mother

    • http://Website Chester Copperpot

      you too, huh?

  • http://Website mullen

    its unfortunate that they came out at all.

    • http://Website Mr. Wellgo


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Radosevich/1495020226 Paul Radosevich

    Ech, I’ll stick to alum.

  • http://Website Tex


    Jim C lets not be absurd.

  • http://www.rockjockcock.com/ eleventeen

    so pointless and expensive.i guess all trendy kids r gonna buy them

  • http://Website kevin k

    odyssey’s gift to LUC-E grinds

  • http://Website kevin k

    LOL I am totaly calling these JC Pennies

    • http://Website Name (required)d

      no, faggot

  • http://jackass.com chris

    why would anyone buy this shit

  • http://Website POP OFF

    ugly as fuck

  • http://Website highpockets

    if these werent $35 and i did luc-e and pedal grinds all day id get em but im not a trendy kid and will stick to aluminum or just put metal pins in other pc pedals…is alot cheaper

    • http://Website grammar police

      maybe they last longer than 2 pairs of other plastic pedals and are cheaper than 2 pair?

  • http://Website Colton

    i think their sick, buy one set and your fairly set for awhile just need new sides when ya grind em down, the best part.not that expensive id say.

  • http://Website anon

    sticking to OG jim C’s

  • http://Website jordan

    YES!!!!!!! best petals around. to bad i dont want to give an arm and leg for plastic petals. ill stay with the $13 petals.

  • http://Website tits

    not only are these ugly as fuck, but there isnt really a demand for them with regular plastics costing only 15 bucks.. the plastic on these is still gonna get all fucked up regardless of the pins.

  • http://Website DANGLY PETE




    • http://betabmx.com Caio Andrade


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Williams/1430682746 Alex Williams

      my mom is white and my dad is black, fuck your decapitated mothers rotten skull.

    • http://Website Regulaters

      My president is black and that was a horrible idea.
      Though these pedals look pretty good.

    • http://Website seany

      pregnancy mixed with trailor parks and whiskey is also a bad idea, you would not have been as mentally retarded as you are if your momwasn’t a drunk whore

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Williams/1430682746 Alex Williams

    i cant decided if i like them or not, itd be nice if there were pins only on one side.

  • http://Website Pat

    Alex you can run pins short enough to hold the pedal together but not stick out essentially making the pedal smooth on one side

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Williams/1430682746 Alex Williams

      thanks dude.

    • http://Website .

      but the pins hold the pedal together so if you run them just barely in enough so one side is smooth, not only with the pins on one side be super long, but when you grind down the other side just a little bit, your pedal falls apart. i dont think i like this idea too much. i’ll wait for you guinea pigs to try them out first..

    • http://Website tits

      ^ the fuck?

  • http://Website RyRy

    I think the issue has a lot more to do with the fact that some of you faggots sit on the internet all day and refuse to build any sort of marketable skillset which could earn you money, and instead bitch about how expensive this makes the ride to your Subway career.

    • http://Website [hbc]


  • http://Website ?

    they wiegh more than some aluminum pedals. isnt the point to be more light than aluminum?

    • http://Website as

      yeah, was gonna say. they are as heavy and expensive as metal pedals, so what’s the point?

  • http://Website Greg D’Amico

    cant wait to get a pair!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Knight/515083079 Jonathan Knight

    BMX is ridiculous now. When I started it was all about the enjoyment of having metal and two wheels under you. A pedal is a pedal. Having said that, having the right pedal for ones comfort is good but worrying about weight….it’s a pedal. The heaviest pedal is still light. You can Luc-E and pedal grind on metal, or aluminum pedals..if you try. If you just wanna ride a bike and you’re hurtin for cash, then plastic is the way to go I guess. But if you want plastic cause it’s what everyone else has or because of weight I don’t know what to tell you. Ride a bike because you love it, not because someone else loves it and you want to impress. My thoughts. No harm. 20 inch wheels for life.

    • http://Website tits

      hurting for cash? i got cash, and still buy plastic every time.. they dont cut my shins as bad, ill never buy metal pedals again, i love pcs, who buys pedals because of anyone else?

    • http://Website ANt

      Thank you

    • http://Website nicholas

      i beg to fucking differ with tits they cut me so fuckin bad

    • http://Website SILICON

      Plastics are the steezy ness. for sure. they are cheap. you feelin like you feet aint grippin worth shit. go buy some plastics. you not feelin yo color scheme. go buy some plastics. Plastics are dope. Not the odyssey ones though. those are garbage. ANIMAL hamiltons all day

    • http://Website DAvid

      now this guy knoes wat hes talking about nice jus ride wit watever u got dont go out nd copy other people oh nd these pedals are sick nd grippy i run aluminum but the problem is that all mi pins are bent in nd cant get them out no more so ima get these

  • http://Website hooves got moves nigga

    i got these in all black thanks for the hook up/leaving in my car vince K and dirt ron. these are the best but what do i know…i ride trails….

  • http://Website joe


  • http://Website chickensammich

    at least there being innovative with the design instead of pulling the same shit every other company does. when i first got plastic pedals i just wanted to see how they were because my friends had said they feel great to ride and no different than metal pedals, and i ended liking them a lot when i got a pair, not because of the cost or weight, but just how they felt to ride on, and if you slipped pedal your shins wernt fucked. everyones gonna have a different opinion on this but you know as soon as Chase Hawk or Dakota Roche gets a pair, youll all be getting rid of your pedals for these.

    • http://Website S0UP

      I know right as soon as somone who is in does it everyone will jump on the wagon and have an excuse why they were so late lol. get what you like.

  • http://Website tits

    reading the dans comp description, theres no bearings … i just realized something… i tighten my pedals up every now and then so they dont get too loose. not only will these spin forever with no option to tighten them up, but they must wear down with no bearings, and make a shitload of noise, kinda like my animal pcs after a couple months… that sucks.

  • http://Website gtfo

    lots of ig’nant round these parts. keep it up, it amuses me

  • http://Website ok

    were these influenced by a michael jackson song?

  • http://Website AV

    I like jumping to flat. Plastic pedals don’t. I keep ending up with new plastic ones, but I will end up back on metal sometime soon…

  • http://Website Fucks_White_Girls

    I like how most of the people on here are bitching about them.

    Go ahead and bitch, because thats what bitches do: they bitch.

    • http://Website Stapler


  • http://Website spinach dip


    Get a fucking life. Ride what you want. Keep your absurd, hate-based comments to yourself. I’ve been waiting for these fucking things to come out for 2 years. If they dont suck my dick and swallow too, i’ll be out $35 but i’d rather try them out then bitch about “faults” in the product found through dumbasses speculating who probably have no engineering background whatsoever or can fathom WHY THESE SPENT 3 YEARS UNDER THE KNIFE. YES, 3. At interbike 07, G said they had been ground on for a year when they were shown.

    • http://Website grammar police

      dude george takes atlest 3 years to do anything he is lazy

  • http://Website LandonP

    why is everyone beaking these pedals? I guarantee they will be huge.. they make perfect sense.. well except for 2 different colored sides

    • http://Website grammar police

      pedal grind side not pedal grind side

  • http://Website ImaFuckAWhiteBitch

    I have these pedals there really good.

  • http://Website bmxmdfk

    They had to make just regular plastic JC pedals years ago, not selling those antic twisted pedals and now coming up with the most ridiculous thing ever

  • http://Website Daytonstreet

    Look people pedals are pedals they all wear down and they all hurt(I ride fit pc’s and my shins prove that they are not shin savers). Ride what you want thats all I’ve got to say.

  • http://Website mike

    id rather buy 3 pairs of pcs and take a can of white spray paint and make a line down the grind side. these things are stupid. there reltivaly heavy and a very stupid idea

  • http://www.birth.com john&kate

    this defeats the purpose of plastic pedals. not sure what they were thinking. good luck with this idea but if i want metal pins I will put on aluminum pedals.

    • http://Website grammar police

      the purpose of plastic pedals is not to make your shins feel good. the purpose is to make a disposable bmx product that people need to buy over and over and as a good side feature they slide good.

  • http://Website bmx legend

    you stupid fucks.. the weight of a pedal doesnt mean shit.. stop worrying about weight.. if you can ride a bike.. it doesnt matter what the fuck it weighs

    • http://Website as

      anyone with half a brain can see that the point they are making is if a plastic pedal isn’t lighter or cheaper than a metal pedal, what’s the point? you’d just buy the metal pedals that will last longer. you’re a genius, bmx legend. you and all the trendy kids that will buy these.

  • http://Website truth

    Doesn’t matter. They aren’t actually “available”

  • http://Website Daytonisnotstreet

    I ride fit pc’s and my shins prove that they are not shin savers

  • http://Website takeitorleaveit


  • http://Website blah blah blah


  • http://Website PEGLEG

    Okay everyone thats like 30 plus needs to get over the “old days” and stop fucking caring how kids no set up there bike.

    its a fucking bicycle part like for real its a god damn pedal
    go ride.

  • http://Website bmx legend

    old school ia the only school

  • http://Website [hbc]

    i quit. thanks.

  • http://Website moe tie

    keep up tha good werk G
    love tha innovations always
    outside tha norm
    and always top notch