New Alistair Whitton Frame.

Macneil put up all the info about their new Whitton frame. Speaking of Ali, he had an “hour of power” edit up on Vital this week, check that after the jump.

Alistair Whitton – More BMX Videos

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    Is it called “The Nigger Hater”??

  • http://pooooo jew


  • Bill Gates

    I feel betrayed… That was by far the worst of those power hour things so far

    • whittonfan123

      if u think that then your a douch bag

  • Jmy

    About an hour on the tower of power?

  • andrew

    frame look really good!

  • Mike C

    Wishbone ruins it.

  • Arthur

    I love the frame !

  • martin

    Get real who cares if it has a wishbone

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