The BMX Video Game Is For Real.

Or at least they have an official Facebook page and some legit looking screenshots. I’m not 100% convinced that my skepticism was unwarranted but things are looking promising. More details to come, apparently.


63 thoughts on “The BMX Video Game Is For Real.

  1. looks like some high school kids discovered unity and now they want to make a game. just rendering static 3d model is the easiest part, but what is really important in such game is character movement and physics, which is the hardest thing to do. until I see some video I will just call it fake.

  2. dude this shit has been going on allday. WE JUST WANT A LEGIT GAME. who gives a shit if its EA or even activision. just rep bmx and its art the way it deserves to be, if Skate can get as detailed and dialed as it is , then I'm sure a game surrounding the lifestyle of a bmxer can be too.

  3. Last post on their official Facebook page says that they need our help to make this project grow. Then next step is a kickstarter fund to ear some money I guess. So, it starts to make me feel a bit disappointed.

  4. ea doesnt want to be appart of it because the low sales of previuos bmx games.ex) matt hoffman pro bmx 2. theyll will see the hype this causes and the demands for it to be similar gameplay to the skate series. got strong hopes it turns out amazing.

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