The BMX Video Game Is For Real.

Or at least they have an official Facebook page and some legit looking screenshots. I’m not 100% convinced that my skepticism was unwarranted but things are looking promising. More details to come, apparently.


63 thoughts on “The BMX Video Game Is For Real.

  1. If it's not being made by EA INC./ SPORTS , then it's not going to turn out no where near good at all. Without a big time company workin on this game the graphics,details or any big support will just go down the drain. A BMX has to at least rank close or better to SKATE 1,2, and 3. But who knows….

  2. I am not convinced beause if someone was to actually make this I'm sure they would of contacted the come up, vital and all the other mainstream bmx sites about this personally to confirm or get involved rather than a facebook page to get the word out.

  3. Just go to the Web site, guys. You think is ran by fucking journalists?

    It's being developed using the Unity engine, and it's a multiplatform console/pc release. It will be a downloadable game, and it'll rival indie Unreal-based sports games, graphically speaking. Who knows how it will play, but the fact that they're choosing street locales rather than DEW TOUR EXTREME RED BULL DOUBLE BASS DRUM GUITAR SOLO setups is somewhat promising.

  4. looks like some high school kids discovered unity and now they want to make a game. just rendering static 3d model is the easiest part, but what is really important in such game is character movement and physics, which is the hardest thing to do. until I see some video I will just call it fake.

  5. Realistic physics? Why not make it actually realistic, can't play the game til 2pm (when you wake up), first level is a foot tall ledge and a curb cut you spend 6 hours a day sitting at and drinking/smoking, then you drive to a spot 30 mins away, roll up to it for a bit, try and film a trick, maybe pull it, grab a King Cobra tall can on the way home, then go talk shit in the TCU comments. I call it "BMX Life." Maybe Rockstar will buy the rights from me.

  6. Honestly though I don't really mind if some Indie company takes a stab at it because this way (Hopefully) there will be people working on the team that will have some BMX background and actually care what the tricks look like. Making the whips and 3's look good and having grinds function properly. Unlike dave mirra 2's feeble grinds that didn't put your front tire on the ledge. Either way I'm psyched.

  7. dude this shit has been going on allday. WE JUST WANT A LEGIT GAME. who gives a shit if its EA or even activision. just rep bmx and its art the way it deserves to be, if Skate can get as detailed and dialed as it is , then I'm sure a game surrounding the lifestyle of a bmxer can be too.

  8. Last post on their official Facebook page says that they need our help to make this project grow. Then next step is a kickstarter fund to ear some money I guess. So, it starts to make me feel a bit disappointed.

  9. they can beat the dave mirra 2 physics easily, the question is if you can combine all moves like in dave mirra, that was really one of the best things in dave mirra, oh and and the level editor. We should be glad that this guys picked up the challenge, dave mirra 2 was released 12 years ago, just think what changed in game engines since then, this game is more than welcome.

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