TCU Exclusive: Rich Hirsch Interview.

Rich is an easy guy to interview because he’s always got something new going on. I hit him up with 8 quick questions about how Mike Aitken’s doing, the future of Fremont, what happened with Subrosa, what’s up with the Lotek DVD and more. He even sent over a photo of some singing cats. I’m not posting the photo of him with Paul Wall though, no matter how much I want to.

1) I saw on the Fit site that you were riding with Robbie and Mike Aitken this weekend. How is Mikey doing and is he filming already?

No… We were filming an interview about the whole deal so he could explain it further in the video. He’s doing real good though and he is getting back into starting to cruise around with his homies so he’s stoked for sure.

2) Is Fremont really dead?

No… Just going real slow currently. We still have shirts and shit if anyone wants them.

3) What is the most frustrating part of running a shoe company?

Still not being able to make a pair of shoes I love haha. I have high hopes for the Dak shoe though.

4) Is there still going to be a Lotek DVD?

Not anytime soon… I really like the video player on the Lotek site and have some quality new shit to put in there real soon. More Hoder coming too.


5) What happened with Coast?

Nothing… We stopped before we started.

6) What happened with Subrosa?

The Fit video. It’s all good though.

6.5) You mentioned buying a new frame on Twitter… what did you go with?

I got a S&M Randy Brown frame… I like that it has the big triangles. Got a whole new kit from S&M/Fit, stoked. Thanks Nick!

7) Are you excited to be editing the new Fit video? Is it really going to be done for Interbike?

Yeah it’s a real fun project to be a part of. Interbike is the deadline for sure.

8) Why didn’t you like The Hangover?

It was too obvious, they wasted a funny ass crew of people.

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