RE-UP: Tony Cardona 2012

There’s been a wave of confusion as to why this edit wasn’t on this website, so here is a little explanation for you guys.

We don’t usually post non-embeddable videos at first. It looks kind of corny for us to post something that you have to click through 4 times to actually watch the video, so we wait until the code is made public to throw it on the front page. Usually exclusive videos are embeddable a week or so after the initial post. A lot of times the edits get a second wave of views, larger than the first in some cases. The embed option for this one opened up last week and we posted it, but it was quickly closed down again. The post that it was in would have made no sense whatsoever so we yanked it at that time.

That being said, Tony Cardona and Devon Hutchins put in so much work and we’ve had so much demand to feature the edit on the site that I have to put this up for archival purposes if nothing else. ¬†Shit’s crazy!

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