ONSOMESHIT Store On The News For Bunnyhopping The Homeless.

While I was in Estonia for Simple Session, Jeff Cadger and David Grant were staying at our apartment in LA riding with Brandon Begin every day. One day they bunnyhopped a few homeless guys for an Instagram video. When I got home a few days later, I re-posted the video on the OSS Facebook and didn’t think much of it. It got a ton of likes and shares but it also pissed off a bunch of people. I tagged the video as being filmed in Downtown LA and that pushed it into some non-BMX newsfeeds and a few people raised enough of a fuss that a few local community organizations posted about it on Facebook too. Then someone must have submitted it to the local news.

Yesterday as Stevie, John Hicks and I were leaving the store to go riding a news crew ran up on me with their cameras rolling and questioned me about the video. Obviously they didn’t have a lot to go on but they still managed to get a few clips of me stumbling over my words trying to express my feelings on my friend’s Instagram video.

I suppose this is where I should apologize for sort of kind of condoning my friends bunnyhopping over a couple of homeless people. Honestly I’ve never bunnyhopped over a homeless person but I wasn’t exactly offended seeing my friends do it either. That video captured the anti-social aspect of riding street that I’ve always loved. The news are trying to pass this off as us having no respect for the homeless, which apparently passes for a legitimate news story in 2014. A few hundred people briefly complaining on Facebook doesn’t strike me as something that necessitates a segment on the news. But it doesn’t exactly bother me either. Maybe, just maybe, some little kid will see that video and get motivated to ride down the street and bunnyhop over some shit, human or not.

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