Nate Wessel’s T1 Memories

Nate Wessel just posted this amazing video on his YouTube channel that he put together with the footage he had captured during the T1 world tour. Some of these clips were in the You get What You Get DVD but there’s some never seen before stuff in this too!

“This was one of the last BMX edits I ever put together I think in 2003 a few days before I broke my leg on the T-1 tour and flew home to have emergency surgery. I have not looked at the video since it was made. this footage was edited to a Sense field song “fun never ends” the singer Jon Bunch of Sense Field passed away on Feb. 2nd 2016 so I post this in tribute to Jon Bunch and family for the inspiration that he has given to so many people. Thanks to everyone that also made this tour happen and the life long memories.”