Jerard Vandervalk

Tempered Bikes posted this up. Dude is real good.

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  • thecomeupkid

    that guy kills it

  • Wolfmann

    Hell Yeah Jerry!

  • BDR710

    Damn this guy is a giant. Or he is normal size and rides an 18″

  • Beau

    I think it’s time to move up to the 20″ now, or you will have some serious neck pain when you get older

  • tuff ghost

    So good! Every trick was done right and i liked it.

  • chris

    STILL amazing!


  • yonnybmx


  • Tom S

    haha he rides a 21″ dickholes! and he also has a 21″ cock! THE PUNISHER !!!!!! killin it Jerry

  • tbomb

    holy crap, buddy has everything

  • nick k

    yea not bad for an old bloke

  • flyout thrasher

    jerry is bad ass

    irvine has worts