Is There A New BMX Video Game On The Way?

Are we about to get a video game? A new site seems to suggest that we are but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical:

Their site has a clock counting down but it’s only counting down 10 days. Do you know how long video games take to make? Many, many years. Is it possible that this game has been in development for years and that they’re only now starting to promote it? Not really, no. Maybe the clock is counting down until they drop some sort of trailer.

-Their site has the logos of every major console and even has a PC logo. Is it possible that the game has been simultaneously developed for all formats at the same time? Sure. But I doubt it.

-The developer is listed as Shader Media. Their website is in Spanish and a quick glimpse doesn’t seem to suggest that they make video games.

-The logo sucks. Whoever designed this website does not appear to be a professional graphic designer. And the “T for teen” rating seems like bullshit too since video games don’t receive ratings until they’ve been officially reviewed.

Now, I’m no video game expert so I can’t say for sure. Even if this is a hoax, it’s a pretty interesting hoax. More details to come I’m sure.