Is There A New BMX Video Game On The Way?

Are we about to get a video game? A new site seems to suggest that we are but there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical:

-Their site has a clock counting down but it’s only counting down 10 days. Do you know how long video games take to make? Many, many years. Is it possible that this game has been in development for years and that they’re only now starting to promote it? Not really, no. Maybe the clock is counting down until they drop some sort of trailer.

-Their site has the logos of every major console and even has a PC logo. Is it possible that the game has been simultaneously developed for all formats at the same time? Sure. But I doubt it.

-The developer is listed as Shader Media. Their website is in Spanish and a quick glimpse doesn’t seem to suggest that they make video games.

-The logo sucks. Whoever designed this website does not appear to be a professional graphic designer. And the “T for teen” rating seems like bullshit too since video games don’t receive ratings until they’ve been officially reviewed.

Now, I’m no video game expert so I can’t say for sure. Even if this is a hoax, it’s a pretty interesting hoax. More details to come I’m sure.

156 thoughts on “Is There A New BMX Video Game On The Way?

  1. A friend of mine works in the game industry, it truly takes a ton of f***n time to finish a tight game. I'll stay curious, it's been a long time after the Dave Mirra game then ;) Pls steal the Skate 1-3 physics and wrap it up for a BMX game.

  2. I almost kept my PS2 solely because of Dave Mirra…..there needs to be a BMX came for the current generation of machines, even if it is just using the Skate model and slapping a bike over it….i'll take it.

  3. jeez you're just so optimistic about something that could turn out to be awesome.

    You've generally just shitted on the whole yet you barley know nothing about it yet.

    Also Shader Media's main google description says "3D games".

  4. Definitely not a full game, like Skate. It would most likely be a small downloadable game for XBL, PSN, etc. Since they're using Unity to develop the game, many of the cross-platform headaches are dealt with. It also means that the physics in the game aren't likely to be anything special/semi-realistic like Skate. I'm pretty confident this isn't the BMX game most of us are hoping for.

  5. Infact, making games thesedays is not that hard. As I see they are using Unity3d for making it, as a programmer myself I use also unity for my projects at the moment. Unity gives ultra nice results really fast. If they have a media team and a budget to pay for the artists, it's not a problem to release a game in few months. Business wise it's a little different indeed. About platforms, with unity you can simply like "export" your project to various platforms. Such as xbox, playstation, pc, mac and even linux. The nicest feature is that you can even have standalone webplayers or even through flash.
    Anyway I'm quite sure this isn't a hoax since they ahave a webpage with few projects. But after seeing the overall quality of theyr pages…well I guess this is going to suck and ruin the waiting. Overall lets see what they will provide us.

    And about myself, I have wanted to make a bmx game for years myself, but did'nt have the team or funds to get the media team on board and overal business plan for sucha big game. Right now my ways have lead me to a motorsports racing simulation project, where I'm doing the gfx visuals and physics with unity3d. If this project is finished then I have enough experience and connections, that I can start development of a new game myself, because really… making such a game is actually to easy logics/programming wise, just plain animations & score counters. The key is the media and animations, every popular character would have its own "riding style" animations and because I'm not a modeler/animator, this has been the weak part for me al lthe past years. Though I did have a little template programm running back in 2009 where you could ride in a little park and bunnyhop to insane heights (like Brad Simms lol).

    Anyway thanks for reading my ENOROMUSLY huge post, I hope you got smarter & don't thank me for wasting your precious 5-10 minutes haha.

    sorry for some bad grammar, I'm from Estonia.

  6. id honestly be happy just to have dave mirra 1 or 2 full game as a downloadable for ps3 or xbox. honestly don't think this will turn out awesome, really dosent seem legit, why we worrying about a game anyway? JUST GO OUTSIDE, GET YOUR REAL BMX AND GO FOR A RIDE!

  7. so wouldn't adam know about this more then anyone? seeming he runs the best bmx site. friends with basicly anyone that would be in it//// and u think people would not tell him //// who knows but I wish they would make a bmx game the right way.

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