Drew Bezanson Vs. Joyride 150

You might have heard some things about this edit floating around the web and twitter the last few weeks, well here it finally is… The first edit from BNQT and Charlie Crumlish/BMXFU’s new series, Fu-Cam. You know this is gonna be unreal.

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  • http://Website peppy

    nothing he did made any sense…..

    • http://Website yo!

      I fucking hate rap…more than herpes

    • http://Website nite rider

      I just shat myself…. I don’t think any of those lines will ever be repeated !Drew B is the way of the future

  • http://Website tom

    Best thing i have ever seen.

    • http://hassan neil iggers

      Were you born yesterday? You need to open your eyes more lad.

  • http://Website southbflobmx

    im done riding after seeing this like wtf who does a nose bonk whip that shit aint right

  • http://Website b;ue

    yeah drew.

  • http://Website lil nick

    wow….that ice to foot jam on the backrailing type thing should definitely have been the banger but wow.

    • http://Website nite rider

      negative son…that was just a little jib for drew….the banger in the video was the actual banger….smith stall over ten feet out of an 8 foot qaurter think about it.

    • http://Website day rider

      every trick in here could have been the banger for most people. dudes nutsssssssss

  • http://orchidfootwear.com deuce

    he’s the master of the footjam! you heard it here first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noah-Lochner/100000374167090 Noah Lochner

    Drew is like my neighbor in terms of states… STOKED!!!

    • http://Website eastcoast

      states?? he is from canada eh

  • http://Website biggie bars

    this guy is unreal!

  • http://Website chad phaire

    got dame…………………

  • http://Website jakebob

    i just jizzed a/h

  • http://u-r-gay.cum eleventeen

    damn using rap song for skatepark video is fucking stupid.it dont even fit

    • http://Website nirve

      yeah he totally should have used a mgmt song…..

    • http://Website ollie

      pheonix would have been a treat..

  • http://u-r-gay.cum eleventeen

    what a dumass

  • http://Website greenhouse

    motherfucker is crazy good. for a sec i was expecting an ice to tailwhip in the end cuz fuck i wouldnt be suripsed if he did.

    • http://devonsmillie.com devon Smillie

      man i thought the same exact thing

    • http://Website josh

      yeah me too, this shit blew me away

  • http://Website tom

    why does this eleventeen faggot
    a. comment with shit talking nonsense on every post
    b. not use a real name?
    and 4. act like he could even have the right to say a damn word about the music choice assuming he cant do a SINGLE one of the tricks in the above mentioned video.

    • http://Website 730dips

      lol ok “tom” you are the real voice of reason

  • http://Website Taylor


  • http://Website nicholas

    shit that was awesome

  • http://Website nic

    video game airs… what the fuck

  • http://Website shota

    holy fuck!

  • http://Website tom perry

    Well fuck me in the ass and tell me it ain’t gay, that was intense.

  • http://Website that man in the bush

    ummmmm….. legit!

  • http://Website josh t-1

    Jesus H. Christ!

  • http://Website joel

    ok this kid is bordering legend status already. that was insane. and that looks like it was all in a day. unless drew wears the same clothes everyday cuz he’s a superhero

    • http://Website yo!

      this was probably just a 15-minute session for him!! drew fucking kills it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Trevor-Lacey/100000060185686 Trevor Lacey

    good lordy!

  • http://Website awesome

    he gets crazier and crazier with every edit. drew is the best thing to happen to ramps since harry main.

  • http://Website Day

    drew is too damn good, he must use cheat codes ;)
    best thing to happen to bmx…ever

  • http://Website fred

    omg wtf, ttttfn

  • http://flatmattersonline.blogspot.com flatmatters

    fuck yeah drew!!!! man on a mission..

  • http://facebook cody :)

    look out park rats, drew b is coming up…
    whats the song btw? new gucci?

    • http://Website ay

      old gucci.. movie part 2 – loud

  • http://Website polutfjjjjjjjh

    fuck i wish i had a good park where i lived

  • http://Website e

    the expression what the fuck was probably invented to describe this video. that’s not human
    you don’t footjam a plate on the wall!!!

  • http://Website caleb

    hahahahah fucking wow!

  • http://Website dude

    now i feel like somebody punched me in the face

  • http://Website ay

    ramp rider of the year. holy fuck

    • http://facebook.com/stijnstaal stijn staal

      ramp rider of every year from now on is more like it…

  • http://Website thecomeup

    holy fuck drew kills it !

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Casey-Bowman/1503384131 Casey Bowman

    Did I just….Yep…I just came in my pants….I quit BMX Drew is unstoppable!

    • http://Website thecomeup

      go away, nobody likes you.

    • http://Website josh

      i gotta change my clothes man, its everywhere

    • http://Website U serious?

      Poser!!! What r you doing watching a Drew B edit with your pants on? You know damn well there is always gonna b something to jizz over. You might as well break out the Jergens, light some candles, and get in the mood before you even hit play…..

  • http://Website Jack Elkins

    that was some straight wild ass shit.

  • http://www.carryingdaily.com Martin

    Too good… I want to play a video game now…

  • http://Website Anto

    Shiiit, that was awesome!

  • http://www.randomasrhyme.com Dave Thomas

    Good thing I watched this before I showered cause I just shit my pants.

  • http://Website mfkr

    charlie dont film, he had a controller in his hand and plays drew bezanson pro bmx REAL 3.0

    • http://Website John

      i’ll second that

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Billy-Malkotsis/1638262343 Billy Malkotsis

    I woke up early just to watch this before school, and my mouth was open the whole time. Heck yeah Drew!

    • http://Website Hilson

      At one point there was a more distinguishable road of progression in BMX, lets call it the “BMX highway”. You could look at a map and it was clear where it was headed, what you’d pass along the way, and where you’d eventually end up. At some point in time BMX started exiting off in different directions, lets call these “side streets”. However what may have been considered “progress” on the side streets, when compared to the BMX highway, was actually just driving around in circles. Drew has exited onto the original BMX highway several exits ahead of where anyone has previously driven and is comfortably rolling along with the cruise control on…. that may have been way too deep of an observation for TCU so I’ll also note that, I too ,like so many others on here jizzed a couple of times, developed a nervous twitch, and had what I think might have been a mild seizure while watching this.

  • http://Website dfdg

    what skatepark is this

    • http://www.randomasrhyme.com Dave Thomas

      Joyride 150… figured it was obvious?

  • http://Website John

    internet destroyed

  • http://Website sadasdadsd

    how does he make everythign look good where as main,webb blah does not!! Cranmer better watch out!

  • http://Website chris

    that was wacky.

  • http://Website Ben

    Amazing edit, very nearly ruined by the shittiest piece of noise I have ever heard.

  • http://Website misled clothing

    BEST rider EVER. end of story, my freaking gosh…

  • http://Website CTadam

    Damn. Pretty unreal.

  • http://Website 360hop

    CRAZY SHIT THERE! cant belive some of hat was real. How the fuck does he get that high, and tech outa quaters???!

  • http://Website abala


    can it get any bigger??

  • http://Website harry levanda

    what the fuck just happend

  • http://Website me

    someone put it on youtube. i only have a phone for internet and for some reason can only watch youtube videos

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Devon-Swahlan/1386663922 Devon Swahlan

    what the fuck is wrong with this kid? Crazyyy

  • http://Website uhuu

    my gosh…

  • http://Website jimmyjames

    this kid is ridiculous. i could do all those tricks… on dave mirra pro bmx, but i would probably blow up my controller after that.

    double you tee eff

  • http://Website burgerburger

    did someone really build a skatepark with osb instead of plywood? i would like to see that place in a year

    • http://Website chris

      thought the same thing till i went there. its this weird coated shit, ive never seen it before.
      the only problem is going to be the sections w/o coping., and there really isnt that much of it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kameron-Spraggon/507930459 Kameron Spraggon

      plus they be fixxing shit and making new shit and updating shit all the tiiiiiiiiime

  • http://Website Cinema 4D

    Did charlie do that intro? The Fu videos are amazing but his editing is usually average at best. Shit looked really good!

  • http://Website jesse

    I’m pretty sure this was all filmed in one session if I remember correctly. which makes this absolutely insane! drew bezanson is whack!

  • http://Website mitch

    that ice on the back railing to footjam on the support beam was FUCKED.. oh and so was everything else. drew is unreal. good job charlie!

  • http://Website K

    I QUIT!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Wilke/728827437 Chris Wilke

    this kid is fucking outta control!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Scotty Cranmer

    oh no, somebodys better than me

  • http://Website yo!

    i had “the wtf” expression on my face the whole time..still can’t believe what i just saw! drew kills it!! episode 2.. fuck yes please!!

  • http://yahoo.com MR. MORIS

    well capone did a wall tap there…

    • http://Website joe

      capones footage looked better than it really was too… he cased bad

    • http://yahoo.com MR. MORIS

      aahahaha i know!!!

  • http://premiumbmx.com dan foley

    soooooo good drew!

  • http://Website [kts]

    the best ramp rider right now….the shit he does is soooo impossible, but actually cool & creative at the same time….not just how many of something he can fit into one air or footjam

  • http://Website DSPD

    drewwwwwwww, so fucking good man, 88

  • http://Website Satan

    That vid had me sayin “WHAAAAT” more than 5 times….. AMAZING!

  • http://Website Satan

    And oh yeah, CANT WAIT to see a full video part from him, its gonna blow shit apart

  • http://Website Blown Away

    This kid is not human! My new favorite rider for sure!

  • http://www.bmxfu.com orbs

    Da Bame!

  • http://Website rick

    drew is the sickest rider out

  • http://Website yeayea

    unreal. ice to bar reminded me of van homan. so hi

  • http://Website name here

    the riding was insane but dont you think a rider of this caliber would have a film crew with a better camera? it looks like it was filmed on a cell phone

    • http://www.bmxfu.com charlie crum

      im working on it, saving up to replace my VX2000 but i think compression settings had a lot to do with this one losing quality.

  • http://Website SteveO

    WTF !!! OMG !!!
    every clip was a banger and just perfect , every single scenen couldve been the ending scene of a webedit

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Taylor/633390513 Michael Taylor

    that kid has massive balls and skills to back them up

  • http://Website Hersh

    WHAT THE FUCK!!! This is too good!

  • http://Website new jersey

    …if the world ends in 2012, atleast ive seen the best web video ever made

  • http://omg.com suckit


  • http://Website brian horecky

    wow this kid is fucking ridiculous holy shit hes good

  • http://Website yop

    watched this before work, and all day ive been itching to watch it again.

    except i cant see for all the jizz on my screen.

  • http://Website ollie


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Price/1432221931 Richard Price

    Some one get FU a better camera so we can get some drew in HD

    • http://Website thecomeup

      haha ya

  • http://Website Name (required)

    that was retaded like really wtf

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Wallach/654828331 Brandon Wallach

    the best edit ive seen in months, quite possibly one of the best edits ive ever seen. drew is on fire after that simple sessions 1st place. this video is just proof of what this kid has in store. killled it.

  • http://Website jaikmanes

    i didnt realize video game shit was possible til i seen this

    fuck me running that kid is phenomenal

    bmx is on a wholeeeeee nother level now. fucking shit

    so good.

  • http://Website bmxde

    drew is the truth. he probably did everything first try as well

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harrison-Forward/513349512 Harrison Forward

    theres alot of jizzing going on…

  • http://Website tony danza

    dude is good!! park looked sick
    why were the ramps like not finished? tons of splinters on they plywood

  • http://Website Kean F

    sick drew that was awesome once again!
    Good job on the editing Charlie you kill it, love your style!

  • http://Website akos

    he came from other space

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kameron-Spraggon/507930459 Kameron Spraggon

    best rider ever!?

  • http://Website chucknorris

    he pretty much just told mirra cranmer reynolds everyone to suck a dick wow..dude is on another level!!!! beast

  • http://Website thecomeup

    best rider on the earth !

  • http://Website wad

    no ones got shit on mirra

  • http://Website thecomeup

    fuck mirra

  • http://Website james anderson

    i should beat his ass for being such a little emo bitch…..fuck gucci. fuck white rice. fuck life. fuck you. and tell that nigga to bring me a bag a meth.

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