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I don’t know who this dude is but I guess he rides for Nike 6.0, Sunday!, and Odyssey out in the Czech Republic.

Either way, he definitely does a bunch of pretty crazy stuff in this including a nollie to tuck and a 540 tuck to fakie… I foresee this getting a lot of negative comments but I thought it was pretty cool.


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  1. He’s good, but always the same shit.

    Neverending barspin to manual to tuck or tuck to manual to barspin…
    This combos become boring very fast…

    And shitty camera work.

    • i’m with dick, if you can’t appreciate this video you’re in the wrong place. i know his moves dont stack up against your tuck no flyouts and nowhere manual 180s but this shit is dope

  2. i could say bad things about his riding like why he feels the need to manual between everything making it not as impressive and that the video only need to be a minute long if its at a skatepark and he keeps doing the same stuff.

    filming was so awful i found myself looking at other things while he was manualing somewhere.

    But my god is he a talented rider

    • yeahhh! i hate when people say positive shit on the come upp tooo! fuckk!!!! say mean shit or get the fuckk off!!!!hahahah fuckin faggg….this guy killed it. cry me a river douche baggg fuckin animal rider motha fuckka. ima tittie fuck your butt!

  3. nollie no hander was siaACK!! but yea everything else got real boring real quick. gnarly skill with minimal style and a skatepark that is not to fun to look at.

  4. THE FUCK? that was soooo dope, I don’t even know were to begin!! 69 420 mash tatoes. video game status. was that a hop 720? I seriously need to get my brain fixed.

  5. i dont care what anybody says, fuck you. bmx is about having fun and it looked like he was having a blast. and that park is fucking sick. haha all these faggots hatin on him probably cant do one line that he did in this video. but yeah i really enjoyed this video. keep on truckin mother fucker.

    • yea.. I bet you can see the smile on his face when he’s super far away on that long lense shot, he’s having so much fun. Fucking duh bmx is about having fun! I’m sure he can handle a little constructive criticism (hating). I’m sure he won’t change his riding style by tmrw based on TCU comments.

  6. Having fun and filming it is one thing.

    Putting it on the internet is just asking for criticism.

    The guy’s definitely better at spins, barspins, manuals, gayhanders, and… well that’s it, as far as this video shows… then most of us will ever be.

    Expand your horizons, PLEASE

  7. to all the haters:

    where is your webvid?

    this kid is good, the riding is good to. a little redundant, like people have said, but adding manual out of tucking a box is pretty interesting.

    if seth kimbrough and mike spinner had an offspring, it might be this kids older brother. full hetero.

    • i dont think a single person knows that the fuck that meanss?????????? how can it be fakee???? are all of his clips just a fuckin mind trick or some shit???u tell me retard

  8. kids got talent but that was like watching a video part from the deck of a ramp like you were actually at the session. I pictured myself sitting on my bike waiting to drop in while this dude is pulling some crazy line. Get a friend to film you next time and that shit will be fire.

  9. I started reading the comments until I saw two of them that said something like: “no style” annnd “manualing in between tricks makes them less impressive”. Are you fucking joking? Kid def had style, and if riding up to the next trick on two wheels instead of one is more impressive, then im the king of bmx. Won’t lie though, his tricks were repetitive as hell. Skill make up for that though.

  10. i hate this kind of bullshit. everyone hates on this good shit. He obviously isnt fucking up if hes sponsored by sunday, odyssey, and nike 6.0. this dude is raw talent and i guarantee half of you would fucking give a nut to ride like that

  11. I love how everyone hates on this kid for the insane lines he throws down, just because he does barspins and tucks alot. Doesnt matter how much you do a trick, if you do it off tons of different shit.

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