TCU Exclusive: The Fernando Gomarin Olaiz Interview

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Photo by Diogo Maymone

If you are even a little bit aware of what’s going on in the BMX world you are also probably aware that Barcelona is generally considered the best place on Earth for street riding. Spots for days, perfect weather all year round, a constant trickle of visiting pros and countless untouched rails, ledges, banks and transitions. And if you’re really paying attention, the name Fernando Gomarin Olaiz might ring a bell. Fernando is a BCN legend who will guide you through the city and show you spots that are unknown to all but the most knowledgeable locals. He also helps run Nasty Mondays, one of the most popular club nights in town.

We thought it would be a good idea to interview him so you can learn about this truly amazing dude. His good friend and rider Eric “Barney” Cuiper, describes him best: “Fer is the real life Peter Pan and we are all the lost boys of never never land! AKA BCN”

Who are you and where do you come from?

I’m a Spanish dude born in the 80s and raised in Santander (Cantabria) on the north Coast of Spain, who loves bmx, filming and enjoy goodtimes with the homies.

How did you start riding BMX and why?

Since I was a kid I’ve always been into riding bikes and jumping off of stuff with them. My parents never bought me a real BMX bike so I used a normal random bike and tried to customize it to make it look like a BMX. When I grew up I used to surf and skated a lot until I broke my knee. When I was recovering from that I met some guys in my hometown that got BMX bikes so here was my chance to get into it. I bought my first BMX bike back in 2003 (a Fly complete bike; shout out to OG BMX Spanish legend Mac Gyver) and started to ride it around my town alone because there wasn’t a real scene or people riding bikes there, so I grew up just watching videos, reading magazines, riding alone and traveling to other towns to meet people.

What do you do for a living?

I work as a stage manager for NASTY MONDAYS. 3 days a week for the Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays parties. My job is awesome as everyone could imagine!!! We’re a small family and I can’t thank Soren Manzoni, Max Ochoa, Ximo, Edu, Fede, Jordi, Albert and all NASTY MONDAYS fam enough for everything they’ve done for me.

Tell us more about Nasty Mondays, why is it so special?

What can I say?! Nasty Mondays is just the best and the wildest party in Barcelona and probably in the world too. Just ask anyone who has came here or check the videos on internet and you will understand why. They’ve been going hard for 9 years now!!! Basically, it’s a good selection of music (rock, indie, electro, heavy, 80s, 90s) being played by 2 crazy OG DJs, Max and Soren, in a big cool downtown club. It’s full of blondies, more chicks and some cool people looking for a good times and having fun every Monday no matter if they have to go to work or school the next day. I’m talking about 1500 people dancing in our party (2 full rooms)!!! If you go to Barcelona you need to go there. It’s like going to visit the Sagrada Familia or going to the beach!!! You’re gonna love this shit and you’re gonna remember it for every Monday of the rest of your life!!! Word!!!


Photo by Mario Carpio

How long have you been living in BCN?

5 years!!!

What’s happening in BCN? What have you been up to?

Since July I’ve been busy filming with my vx1000 for an upcoming video project named “We Out Here” filmed in the streets of Barcelona with a bunch of homies. The DVD will feature sections from Eddie Baum and Carlo Hoffman from Germany, Ema Scutella, Mati Lasgoity, Mono from Argentina, Benoit Van De Geutche from Belgium, Michael Smelko from Czech Republic and more. I can’t thank everyone enough who has been involved in it and everybody who has supporting through filming it, specially Jason Tas, Diogo Maymone and all the homies! This DVD is gonna be dedicated to the memory of Argentinian BMX rider David Villegas (RIP). The video is gonna be premiered really soon and will be also available online exclusively on TCU. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!! All the homies killed it, new cool fresh BCN spots, good music… #weouthere.

How do you find all those spots?

Me and my homies just go out and ride almost every day and we don’t like to be stuck at the same spots like other guys would do. We rather take our cameras and go far away and get lost looking for fun and good times and we always end up finding new cool spots. I can’t believe some people are still ridin the same old spots every day in this city when you have a huge list of spots with a perfect setup for every trick.

Do you think BCN will ever run out of spots?

Barcelona or BCN, Barna or Barnafornia (like I use to call it) has spots for miles and for months. You can film all your video parts of your entire pro BMX/skate career here. The city and it’s surroundings are always changing. Even when some famous spots get destroyed you can always find some fresh new stuff to ride. Basically the architecture of this city is like a giant skate plaza full of different setups waiting to be shredded. Everyone knows Barcelona as a worldwide BMX mecca like Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Paris, London or Frankfurt. So if you’ve never been here, you’re sleeping, so move your ass and come!!!

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Photo by Diogo Maymone

Adam22: Do you ever get sick of getting asked to show random kids spots?

It’s always fun to show people around and to see how they get stoked on the spots. It doesn’t even matter to me if they are pro riders or just some random kids. But sometimes it’s hard to deal with some companies/brands/crews who want me to be their tour guide to all of the best spots for days or weeks, and then won’t even hook it up with some bike parts for me and my friends. That’s really sad and it sucks!!! I mean, everyone needs to pay the bills and live and sometimes people forget about it and don’t appreciate the time, help and effort you put in.

Why do we call you the Mayor?

The homies Eman and Boy gave me this nickname back in 2010. We should ask them actually… maybe they did it because I’m old hahaha. Fuck these niggas!!! Hahahah shout out to E, Boy and all the LA fam/homies !!! HOLLA !!!

Tons of pros and riders from all over the world come to ride the city all the time, how do the local riders see this?

I think everyone see this as being awesome because it makes the scene grow and it also gives to all the local riders a chance to learn, have fun and meet new people, keeping BMX alive.

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Photo by Diogo Maymone

Adam22: Have you ever met up with someone that you didn’t get along with at all?

Hahhahaha fortunately no!!! It’s really important to me to meet and ride with a good group of people, doesn’t matter if they’re pros or not.

What’s the state of the Spanish scene?

Good actually, it’s growin up more and more with the new generation of young riders. Thanks a lot to TCU for your awesome work, makin BMX bigger everywhere, all over around the world!!!

Adam22: What could be done to make Spain’s BMX scene stronger?

There’s a long list of things that needs to be done but basically, more brands supporting the scene, more real sponsor programs, more BMX shops run and owned by BMXers, less cunts riding BMX bikes, more independent videos and more cool contests.

Charlie Crumlish: Why Swedish girls?

Barcelona is also one of the favorite destinations for Swedish girls. They come here with the good excuse of wanting to learn Spanish but in fact, they want to party and have fun hahaha. Shout outs to all the Swedish girls in BCN!!!

Barney: why is BCN the best place on earth?

Because it’s just a perfect mix of things! Good weather, good spots, good lifestyle, good food, good parties and not too much stress. Just the Barnafornia love !!!!

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Photo by Diogo Maymone

Thanks for the interview, any shout outs?

Thanks and shootout to you (Frenchie), Adam22, Alfredo and all the TCU staff; Ema, Santi, Lucas, Mono, Mini and all my homies (they know who they are); Diogo Maymone; Catfish & the OSS crew; Eman, Boy and the LA fam; Barney, Tyler & the LAX films fam; Robbie, Dak, Chase, Russ & the CULT crew; Lacey, Bruno, Charlie, Stevie & the FEDERAL fam; Jack, Jay & the DUBBMX / LOOTBMX fam; Roy, Tom & the ORANGE JUICE fam; Ty, Garrett, Steve-O, Auggie, JJ & the DEADLINE / FIEND fam; Soren, Max, Chimo & all the NASTY MONDAYS fam/army; Benoit and Jason; Josh Suhre & OPERATIV; Andy Zeiss, Jerry & VANS; Rob Paik, Christian & the MARKIT crew; Alex Quintero, Cuervo & the ALL DAY BMX shop, Francois & DATABMX & BMXAvenue: Tom Creasy & Monster UK; Nick Benson, Nigel and ANIMAL BIKES; Gabriel Herbote & OVER IT crew. #Gcode